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Ricoh interview at IR: “no plan yet to launch a mirrorless system camera”

Imaging Resource interviewed a group of Ricoh managers. Here is some of the things they said:

1) Ricohx will continue the 645 medium format line and doesn’t plan to make a mirrorless medium format camera

2) Ricoh has no plan to launch a new mirrorless system camera

3) Ricoh also made this somehow unexpected statement:

Currently, mirrorless is a newcomer, so of course many users are very interested in the new systems, they want to use [them]. But after one or two years, some users who changed their system from DSLR to mirrorless come back to the DSLR again.
So the DSLR market is currently decreasing a little bit, but one year or two years or three years later, it will [begin] getting higher.

I really cannot believe this is true :)

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