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Report from “” suggests Japanese goverment is pressing Fuji to buy a stake into Nikon

This is a bomb news: Fujirumors got word that the Japanese government is pressing Fuji to buy a stake into Nikon (Source Sentaku June magazine issue). The reason is simple: Try to help Nikon to overcome their huge crisis and avoid any possible acquisition from non-japanese makers.

If you think this story is absurd you should remember that the same thing already happened with Sony buying a stake into Olympus. Olympus had a huge financial loss because the big financial scandal and Sony came in to help them out.

The “partnership” would allow Nikon to reduce costs. And on paper Nikon and Fuji are not direct competitors. Nikon is strong in the DSLR segment and PRO market. While Fuji sells mirrorless system cameras only and has no FF camera line up.

But for now that’s all just a “rumor”. We will keep you informed if we find out more!

Source: Sentaku Japan (June magazine issue).


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