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Plenty of new Samsung reviews (dpreview, sansmirror and more!)

Some big websites finally gave some attention to Smasung NX cameras! Here are the links to the very latest reviews:

Dpreview tested the NX210: “The NX210 is slightly let down by long buffering times in raw mode and the JPEG engine’s noise treatment at high sensitivities but overall it is a powerful photographic tool with a good feature set for its class and enjoyable to use.

Also Cnet USA tested the NX210: “I like the NX210; I enjoy shooting with it. But I think there are too many confusing choices for automatic operation, and the JPEG quality needs to be better.

Sansmirror tested the NX1000: “A very competent camera that keeps (most) things simple and straightforward. There’s little to fault and much to praise here. Other than the clunkiness of the WiFi add-on and the fact that the iFn button seems more gimmicky than useful, this is a very strong contender for a basic mirrorless camera.

German Samsung NX20 review at NX100 test at ePhotozine.

Now let’s see if Samsung will finally release some explosive new NX stuff at Photokina…. I am talking about the nice protype images they showed us once!

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