Plenty of new Mirrorless cameras coming in October!

According to multiple trusted sources a whole bunch of companies is going to launch new products in October. We are talking about Sony, Canon, Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus. All announcements will be made right before or at the Photoplus Expo in New York.

I am working on a full list of camera and lenses that we could see by then. Stay tuned!


  • tecnoworld

    Still no nx30 from samsung? They seem to be willing to destroy themselves, after the great nx300. The galaxy nx is a joke of a camera…

    • admin

      I heard it’s NOT coming this year :(

  • onlyme

    Hmm, Panasonic and Olympus have recently released high end cameras so is it reasonable to assume that they will announce lower end cameras in October?

    • touit

      olympus knows how to make good glass.
      could it be that we’ll see zuiko lenses for sony FF bodies in future ?
      or re-branded under sony ?

      • admin

        yes it could.

  • derek

    did you hear anything about Samsung NX400?

    • tecnoworld

      The nx300 has been out for less than 6 months now, so I wouldn’t expect an upgrade for at least other 6 months or even more.

      What I was expecting now is a new nx30 with rangefinder form facor and a new sensor (rumored 30 mp), new evf (at least on the level of the one found in em1), big buffer (for at least 20+ raw files to be recorded in a row) and possibly ibis and weather sealing.

  • madmax

    Mirrorless rules! I´ll still use my DSLR for a few years, but I´m not going to buy lenses for DSLRs never again except maybe some second hand cheap stuff.

  • Bernd

    Olympus, Panasonic? They have already announced stuff. What else could come? High end compacts? Perhaps just E-Pl/m updates from Olympus?

  • Beduin

    Certainly Samsung needs the new flagship NX30 to stay competitive. What a shame: they have very good lens lineup, some decent bodies (though they need the NX20 successor ASAP) and absolutely trashing marketing department. If their camera division marketing guys would be as energetic and as the smartphone ones, they would outsell most of other mirrorless camera makers.

    • tecnoworld

      by seeing the success of cameras like the omd or the gx7, samsung should understand that it’s going the wrong route. It should produce a rangefinder shaped camera AND a dslr shaped camera, both with a new high end EVF (like the one in OMD EM1, which seems gorgeous) even better sensor than the already great in NX300, IBIS, weather sealing and a very big buffer for raw shooting.

      In that way, with the lenses they have, they would/could lead the aps-c mirrorless market.

  • chrisa

    No mirrorless love from Ricoh or Pentax then? Bit disappointing when everyone else is going to release something.

  • Fucked up

    Admin, which/whos comments do you delete and which/whos not? I really like to know!

  • Anonymous

    New Canon EOS M body rangefinder style with flip out rotating screen and EVF please! And some more lenses. The 22/2 pancake is as good as the Panasonic 25/1.4 and Sony 35/1.8 and is 1/4th the cost and smaller!

    • tecnoworld

      I want the same for next samsung nx :-)

    • RIco

      I want the same thing but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m losing faith in Canon when it comes to mirrorless. I may be purchasing the 70D to replace my 7D because it’s lighter and for a travel cam I have a feeling I’m going to have to move to something like a NEX as they seem to have everything – APS-C sensor, compact, built-in EVF, etc. :(

      • J Shin

        :-( Their on-sensor PDAF technology suggests that Canon is thinking hard about how to do the mirrorless right, but their glacial pace with EOS-M is very discouraging. it’s like they are just counting on people to use the DSLR lenses on it, whereas Sony made sure NEX was a good stand-alone system. Even Nikon is forging ahead, despite their public nay-saying about mirrorless.

        If anyone has the resources to push out a new system, Canon does, so I’m hoping-guessing that they will put some muscle into the EOS-M soon. Hopefully soon enough…

        • Eric

          It took Canon so many years to release a mirrorless, and then they have about two to three months to fix the poor AF speed before EOS-M is available on the market, and it took Canon almost one year to fix the problem. By the time Canon release something, it will already be outdated comparing to other existing systems, LOL

      • Eric

        But Panasonic GX7 and Olympus has IBIS

  • Hendrick

    STFU ! its all sony nex FF!

  • jse

    It is curios how every body comment about oly pana sony but forget fuji the best one, best lenses best sensor, any way i hope next x pro model will surpass any other model (samsung is not on the wave and please, no comments about his lenses-sensor).

  • João Almeida

    Fuji X-E1s/X-E2, please!! :)

  • hus

    Dear Admin, have you heard anything about a new Ricoh (GXR)?

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