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Pentax marketing: They launched a special web page to remind you all the future is DSLR!

After the Olympus imaging business sale announcement many eyes were focused on what would happen next to Pentax. And today Pentax made something odd…they launched a special website to explain their future:

When you take a picture with a single lens reflex (SLR) camera, the light passes through the lens, and in turn the optical viewfinder. You view the image directly with your eyes, and feel it with your heart. This is the unique experience you get when using an SLR. Not only do you enjoy the images captured, but also the entire process of taking a picture, from deciding on what to capture and where, to observing the scene, composing the image, then finally releasing the shutter. PENTAX was the first camera manufacturer in Japan to build an SLR, a progression that allowed our users to experience the joy of photography and the fun in creating images. PENTAX is committed to the future of SLR photography through the continued development of camera technology, making it more fun and exciting than ever before for all PENTAX users.

I hope this works out for the company!

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