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Panasonic says Canon mirrorless is coming this year.

Canon concept mirrorless camera by David Riesenberg (Click here)

In an interview with Amateur Photographer Panasonic UK’s Lumix G product manager Barnaby Sykes said that “Panasonic expects Canon to launch its first CSC in 2012.” There is one more interesting analysis made by Mr. Sykes: “the continued loyalty of many photographers to major camera brands such as Canon, owing to their long photographic heritage, continues to pose a ‘massive challenge’ to Panasonic, despite the firm’s success in the CSC arena.“. In simple words, the Canon user prefers to wait for Canon to launch their own mirrorless system instead of jumping the ship by using one of the current mirrorless systems.

I think that could be one of the main reasons why the mirrorless market still didn’t boom in some regions like USA and Europe.

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