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One more E-M1 image….


The camera already got leaked many times. But here is one more image just to see remember you how beautiful it is ;)

UPDATE: I removed the red Japanese text on the image. Have been told it was offensive (some kind of Korea vs Japan joke).



    “how beautiful it is” ?

    It is horrible…

    • ihur

      The beauty is in the eyes of the m4/3 Sensor :D

  • madmax

    Good looking camera, but still Fuji X pro, X100s, and EX1 far better looking than this. Also, Olympus PEN cameras are more appealing too. Samsung NX20 could be finalist. Panasonic, Sony, Pentax, Nikon and Canon are not going to win any beauty pageant.

    • Hendrick

      Basically you like vintage style body cameras.

  • Renato S.

    ah, this is the frankenstein angle…

    from other angles, it looks better but from this angle, it does look like someone just glued the grip.

    it feels like they thought:
    – let’s make it a traditional DSLR-like camera!
    – yeah, but how are we gonna call it?
    – it’ll be above the OM-D E-M5, it has to be an OM-D, we can’t create another family…
    – and this will have an EVF so it can’t be from the PEN family, right?…
    – ok then! OM-D it is!
    – but we have to make it looks like an OM camera, don’t we?
    – we base the design on the E-M5!
    – but won’t it be a DSLR-shaped body?
    – hmmm… you’re right, so we just put a grip on it!
    – genius sir! an E-M5 with a grip! then it’s an OM-D camera but with the DSLR-shaped body!

  • Dominique

    What a pity… the OM-D E5 looked way nicer!

  • Don

    Looks like a photo that has been shifted sideways using software. Not natural.

  • lighting

    Beautiful? in what sense?

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Me, I’m glad Olympus DIDN’T try to make a “beautiful” camera here, which was what they tried with the whole PEN series and, to some extent, the E-M5, too, making all of them much less usable than any decent DSLR like the E-30, E-620 or even the earlier entry-level model E-510/520.

    And, as no real surprise, what comes out of it, suddenly is beautiful indeed – though beautiful as a tool, not beautiful as a fashion accessory. But that’s exactly what I want when I buy a camera – a tool optimized for usability, not a fashion statement.

  • sneye

    It needs a silver version.

  • Miroslav

    It may be many things, but beautiful it is not.

  • marc

    not beautifull and not pro

  • thomas

    I’d really like to see a 20mp or 24mp sensor. sony could put this into their rx100 with a 1” sensor. the same technology could go into a new olympus and deliver higher resolution. I am fine with prints from the epl5 up to A2 or A1. for larger prints it would be nice to have a little more res… will wait to buy until pixel count goes up with m43.

  • Cyril

    Wake up people!!!

    You’re lobotomized by Canikon…

    E-M1 is beautifull and cleary more PRO than most of FF…

    Thinks by yourself ,try M4/3 and stop jalousy.

    Thanks OLYMPUS to kick in the anthill!

    • Renato S.

      PRO or not, this has nothing to do with the looks but looking good or not has nothing to do with Canikon

  • O Kania

    She IS a beauty !
    Selling my EPL5s and VF4s right now ….

  • wakak

    who designed this ugly device?

  • Sören

    I love the look.
    Honestly, until mFT “beauty” was never anything a camera had to be.
    In fact, no DSLR is beautiful. This simply looks like a mirrorless E-510
    with more professional internals. Fine with me.

  • Kevin

    sorry… It doesn’t look that pretty IMO. Looks like a dslr wannabe!

  • narog

    Do not understand the beauty, if I want a DSLR look I buy a nice FF for almost the same price. If size matters than the GH3 looks for me better. But the real advantage of mirrorless is rangefinder style ergonimics with high spex. But regarding spex Olympus is far behind the competition but more expensive (fuji x-e1, Lumix GX7). The only thing I have to admit is that the Olympus 43 primes are very nice.

  • Cyril

    5 axes IBIS is pretty spex ,weather sealded and freeze proof too,
    in kit with 12-40 F2.8 is nice…

  • Matus

    I have hard time believing that this is true image – the lines on the body just do not add up. I mean – the camera may look like this but to me this is not a photograph, but a 3D design picture of some kind. We will find out soon anyhow.

  • Gobet

    Yes, it’s not beautiful because they added a large grip to a small body. The proportions are wrong. That being said, it is probably much nicer to hold than an E-M5.

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