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OM Digital says it will not join the L-mount

There was a time it looked like Panasonic and Olympus would be no more close friends. Well, today they made a joint live stream to strengthen their commitment to the Micro Four Thirds system. And OM Digital clearly said they will not join the L-mount system nor do any other kind of Full Frame camera.

Some more info

OM digital:

  • We’ve tried designing an f/1.0 lens, but it’s hard to deal with the autofocus system.
  • We are developing a new kind of product family
  • There will be a product something worth the wait
  • PEN-F didn’t sell well…but a successor isn’t excluded yet
  • We will not go into the Full Frame market
  • We will not join the L-mount system


  • We are developing both MFT cameras and lenses
  • Lenses with 800+ range are being discussed internally
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