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Olympus refuses to give up and will release a new MFT lens soon :)

You stubborn Olympus! You refuse to listen those reputable rumor sites narrating back in autumn that by January-March 2020 you would close the camera division. You should listen to the holy voice of the sacred Internet, the land of the rightful trolls and anonymous salvation army.

Olympus ignores these apocalyptic calls for the end of MFT and yesterday they registered a new MFT lens in Russia (the land of fake news so there might be hope MFT is dead for real?). The new lens is coded “IM022” and will be announced soon. It might be a new 100-400mm MFT but who knows, maybe Olympus will shut down the camera division next week right before the lens gets announced. In Youtubers-Influencers we trust this might be the case.

This sarcastic post is dedicated to all those influencers, youtubers, bloggers making their clickbait living by narrating the death of Olympus during the past five years :)

via Nokishita

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