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Olympus E-1 – Is 5MP DSLR From 2003 Good Enough For Today?

Robin Wong:

With all the rage of new cameras capable of shooting 8K videos, ridiculously high Megapixels, even smartphones these days have 100MP cameras, I thought it was time to revisit where it all started for Olympus – their first ever Digital SLR E-1. This is a 17 years old camera (released in 2003) and has only 5MP image sensor, though that is a Kodak CCD image sensor that was well-praised for its incredibly beautiful color rendering. A dinosaur DSLR with only 5MP, 3 AF points and barebones function/features, can the Olympus E-1 survive in 2020? I brought the E-1 out for a full day shutter therapy session and here in this video I share my experience and many, many fresh images from my street photography session! For those of you who prefer to read – here is an accompanying blog article:…

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