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Not only Canon but also Sharp is going to announce a new 8K MFT camera :)

At least on paper Sharp was actually the first company announcing an 8K mirrorless system camera. Problem is…they haven’t started to produce it yet :)

43rumors reports:

Three days ago DClife noticed that Sharp added the new 8K MFT camera on their website. Last we heard about that camera was at the CES show where Sharp manager said the camera would be introduced by end 2020. Specs:

8K 30p
4k 60p (200Mbits/s at 10bit)
5.5 inch fully articulating touch display
Full size HDMi out (last year prototype didn’t have it)
Mini XLR input
Headphone and Audio Jack
Price under $4,000

Nice to see Sharp keeping the MFT system alive and kicking!

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