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Northrup: Canon and Nikon are only seeing now that their mirrorless segment is a flop!

Now this is once more going to start a new fanboy war! Tony Northrup made new predictions about the future of the mirrorless and DSLR mounts. Based on some data (like this Amazon Camera Ranking) and a lot of guessing Tony believes Canon and Nikon mirrorless segment is a flop. Even worse, he thinks Panasonic L-mount is a dead-end

And than he made this stunning graph….joking Tony ;)  to display the likelihood of the mount survival:

Basically he thinks Sony E-mount and Fuji X-mount are the most “future proof” mounts. While the Fuji GFX, MFT and Nikon Z are “uncertain” to be continued. He is 99% sure Pentax and L-mount are doomed.

As usual I invite commenters to be polite and be rationale in their answers if they do not agree with Tony!

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