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Nikon Z7 is rumored to use an “improved” D850 sensor with new photodiode construction

It is still unclear if the Nikon Z7 will use the same 45MP sensor from the D850 or not. But a source of the chinese forum Xitek claimed the Z7 will use an improved sensor version:

“Just spoken to a franchise director at LCE, apparently Thursday will be a very exciting day indeed.
The adapter for the new mirrorless camera will pretty much be free when bought with either model, and the adaptor will make upto 400 lenses compatible so that’ll make all lenses with either electronic or mechanical apertures compatible.
The sensor will be better than the D850 owing to how they’ve constructed the diodes and the way it’s capturing more light, and the new range of lenses will have fresnel elements to give an ‘effective’ larger aperture (so I was told a 1.8 Will be marketed as 1.8 but behaves like a 1.4, and be tiny) much like their new 300mm that shrunk.
Pre orders coming Thursday to ship mid November”
Just chatting with the LCE branch manager, he said that obviously Thursday will be a very exciting day.

Makes sense that this is not exactly the same D850 sensor. It has to be optimized for use on a mirrorless camera. I am a bit surprised to hear that the f/1.8 prime will have fresnel elements. This would be quite a curious choice from Nikon! What do you think?


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