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Nikon promises they will make lenses faster than f/0,95 for their new Z cameras!

As reported on Nikoneye we might get even faster than f/0,95 Nikkor lenses in the future! Nikon managers told at Imaging Resource

  • The amazing f/0.95 aperture of the coming 58mm lens is the starting point for super-aperture lenses, versus an end point! When I mentioned the f/0.95 aperture as a goal for the new mount, Mouri-san said that their goal was actually more ambitious than that, and that the 58/0.95 lens was just a “current point”.

Well that sounds ambitious! But Nikon didn’t tell us yet if it would be possible to add autofocus on such fast lenses. The 58mm f/0,95 that will be released in 2019 is manual focus only.

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