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Next bunch of wild Canon R1 specs: 30MP, 120fps, 6.7k 60p

On Weibo a new Canon R1 spec list is making it’s round. Again, credibility is low…so take it with a grain of salt!

High-speed autofocus and exposure enhanced by AI recognition
Moving object trajectory prediction, high success rate smart object lock focus tracking

30-megapixel full-frame stacked dual-core focus sensor
Purely electronic rolling shutter faster than any mechanical rolling shutter
1/1250s flash sync time
(<0.8ms microsecond reading time)

Added 1:3 lossy compression CRAW (compared to lossless compression)
Unlimited 40fps(1:2 CRAW) / 60fps(1:3 CRAW) continuous shooting, up to 120fps full-featured continuous shooting
Supports 240fps burst burst shooting mode and 1s pre-shooting

Enhanced dynamic range, better than EOS R3 and EOS R5
16Bit DGO-RAW photo capture supporting two benchmarks
In-camera depth of field stack RAW

6.7K/60p & 4.2K/120p(APS-C) 12bit Cinema RAW Light recording
Full frame/APS-C DCI/UHD 4K/120p C-log2 & C-log3 video recording

The rounded body is retracted to maximize the hand feel.

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