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NEX-FF coming in September. In Store in October.

It seems more and more likely that Sony will launch the new NEX-FF camera in September with availability in October. Little is known about the name and specs of the camera. But Sony developed three new FF sensors, a 24, a 32 and a 36 megapixel sensor. One of them will be the heart of the NEX-FF. At least two Zeiss lenses will be launched along the cameras.

And today I got a very “curious” rumors. It looks like Olympus could be involved too in that new NEX_FF project. Don’t know what this means. Probably some Oy tech will find his way in the new cam. it would be huge surprise if Olympus would make a NEX-FF camera or lens!


P.S.: Price of the NEX-FF body should be close to $3000….

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