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New Nikon mirrorless camera patent shows new “dual pixel autofocus” tech similar to Canon

We are getting closer to the big Nikon Full Frame camera unveiling. but so far we know zero about the possible specs and tech. A hint might come from two brand new patents published this week in Japan. spotted them and they both describe a new autofocus system which seems to pretty much work like the “dual pixel autofocus” from Canon. But what’s added is also a time of flight measurement which measures the exact distance to the object. This is a tech first introduced by Sony.

The google translated patent says this:

There is known a time-of-flight (TOF) measurement method for measuring a distance to an object by receiving reflected light of light irradiated to the object (for example, Patent Reference 1). When measuring the distance to the object by such a method, it is difficult to obtain the image of the object at the same time.

It has a set part which sets up the range which detects a focusing state from the information about the exit pupil of the aforementioned imaging optical system, and the information about the aforementioned pixel for focus detection, and a transmission section which transmits the information about the aforementioned range set up by the aforementioned 

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