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New higher end Canon EOS-R to be announced in February? Likely not. Will IBIS come on future EOS-R cameras? Likely yes!

There are some rumors about Canon announcing a new professional level EOS-PRO camera in January-February. From what I heard this camera will take quite a bit longer before it goes on market and I don’t see it ready by early 2019.

And Digital Camera World talked to Canon about the possibility of adding on sensor stabilization on future cameras:

We [i.e. Canon, editor’s note] feel that in-lens IS is the optimum system for image stabilisation […]

With an in-body IS system you are creating something that needs to work over lots of different types of lenses and different lens groups, so you don’t get a dedicated system for that particular lens.

All lenses move in different ways, and you get different types of shake depending on what kind of lens you’re using, so dedicating the IS system to the particular lens is, for us, the optimum way of doing it – but that’s not to say that we aren’t looking at in-body IS.

via CR via Canonwatch

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