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New Fuji X PRO 1 ISO samples (+ Adorama notification and crazy belgium price)

The french website Focus Numerique (Click here) posted his first short X PRO 1 ISO test. Keep in mind that they used a pre-production camera with non finalized firmware. The conclusion from the reviewer is that up to ISO 1.600 noise is almost invisible. At 3.200 ISO grain is very fine and there is a just a little color noise. A larger chromatic noise is only visible starting from 12.800 ISO. Focus Numerique writes that they are truly impressed by that result!

A couple of days ago another french website Zone Numérique (Click here) said the price for the Fuji X PRO 1 body would be 1590 Euro. Now a Belgium store (Click here) is causing me a light heart attack by taking preorders at 1850 Euro! Hope this is not the real final price! Other preorder options are actually asking you for ZERO money while waiting for the final price info: Expansys USA (Click here), Expansys Canada (Click here), Henrys Canada (Click here) .

And after Amazon US (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here) als Adorama (Click here) is offering a pure notification service.

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