New Canon mirrorless renderings from David Riesenberg

David Riesenberg (Click here) used his skills to create a wonderful Canon mirrorless camera concept: “Like many others, I too have been waiting for quite a while for Canon to release its mirrorless system. There are speculations and indications that they may very well do so this year, but I personally grew a bit restless. Because of this, I decided to put to paper, or rather to CAD and rendering software, my vision of such camera. After about a month of learning, debating, modeling and rendering, the Canon AE-D came to life.

His images are now spreading all over the web! The first image you see on top of this post goes in the same direction of the Olympus E-M5. The second rendering gets rid of the viewfinder.

Great work David! Now let’s hope Canon isn’t that far away with the real thing that will be shown at Photokina!

  • Nico Foto

    I certainly hope Canon goes for a bit of a more contemporary design. I also hope they are closer to a Canonet than to a AE-1 in concept.

  • Antoine

    I’m not a fan of a modern design for itself. If it looks as nice as a retro design great, but if it looks like current DSLR elephant crap, no. Anyway David Riesenberg did a great job.

  • MrKal_El

    As said in the post…very OM-D… Which I think would be the wrong direction from Canon…The don’t want to be labeled as a copier…
    That being said…great work!

    • T-L

      Whole Canon was built on copying other cameras. Everything started by copying Leica and still continues to these days. ;)

  • Pim

    Please NO RETRO, like the EM-5!!

  • Nico Foto

    I don’t think Canon will go for a design like this. Their cameras are pretty utilitarian, understated, and without bling, they look professional. I hope they continue on that path, and not some retro-ugly thing (a la OM-D).

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying retro is bad per se, a little touch can help, particularly if its on the dials and controls area like, say, leica X-1, but thats about it. Retro for the sake of retro makes no sense (to me at least).

  • Eric

    That’s the best design I’ve seen for a removable EVF. Most look like 3rd party accessories mounted atop a hotshoe. They usually dont match at all, but that one looks perfect. I think it could use a thumb rest of some sort (see: thumbs up accessory for the M9), but if Canon made this exact camera with the sensor from the 5D MK III then I’d pre-order on day 1.

  • Charlie

    Olympus should make a camera like that.


    • Miroslav


      Excellent idea for EVF, E-M5 should have had that.

  • pelex

    I’m already reading alot of “it looks like the OM-D”, and “it’s just copying the OM-D” on various forums….sheeesh.

    It’s obvious that the designer took design cues from 70’s era Canons/Canonets.

    The designer knows that Canon has as much legacy to fall back on for retro design as does Olympus…perhaps more so.

    I think this rendering is a brilliant piece of industrial design.

    From a design standpoint, it ticks a lot of boxes for me.

    It’s proportion suggests that it’s smaller than the XPro 1, yet larger than the OM-D….could be ideal ergonomically.

    I like the integrated shutter speed/iso wheel.

    I like the removable EV with flush hotshoe.

    There’s that mysterious mode wheel on the other side….hmmm?

    I like the clean, uncluttered, approach to the top/back portion.

    Almost Leica-like, in a way?


    The mirrorless world NEEDS more retro.


  • pelex

    I know it’s just a rendering but…we could at least count on Canon to put 1080P/30/25/24FPS in this thing from the get go.

    (that would mean lots of happy folks…)

    Congrats to David Riesenberg for a job well done!

  • donlands

    Fun exercise, but I hope Canon does not go in this direction, but more in the Fuji X/NEX7, with integrated viewfinder without any “legacy” prizm bump or separate viewfinder. Given they didn’t take this route with the G1X, and given they’re really into the “continuity” of their design/interface lineage, I think its likely the new camera, if any, will likely be in the G series style

  • Brad

    The design would look but not handle great, as it’s mighty simplistic for what cameras do these days. After all, look what happened to SLR’s after the mid-eighties. Button-like lesions started growing on them!

    The designer just basically retrofitted mode handling onto the dials of yore. Hah, I wonder what the battery check button does!

    But I must admit, I do like removable EVF, even though it would stop me shooting TLR style like I sometimes do with my GXR for added stability.

    Something I’ve thought about for a while because of the longtime “modular Olympus” rumours would be a low-profile compact that could be expanded upon via fast-bus interfaces on the top and bottom plates of the camera. That way, you could connect a grip with added SD or even CF expandability and double-up on that grip again for an added battery and portrait shooting control (a la EM-5). The top plate could allow a bolt-on EVF, flash, auxiliary display or even a separate AF scheme.

  • Stravinsky

    I hate Canon

  • pdc
  • thethirdcoast

    I’m sorry, but the handgrips on both of these bodies are useless for anything other than shooting pancake lenses.

  • Duy

    Canon, please fire the guys who design G series and hire this guy instead. Your G cameras are ugly like sh**.

  • Class

    ugly shit.. i hope canon has better designers….

    • T-L

      Just look at 5D Mk3 and you can clearly see they hasn’t..

  • dts

    hoping for the rumored aps H sensor and ibis :-)

  • L

    that’s more a Leica X1 with an OM-D viewfinder to me.

  • Ken R

    For heaven’s sake NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not another retro looking ugly camera. I really hate that stupid retro design. If you want retro look go and fucking buy Leica M9 or an ancient film camera! I absolutely do not understand why everybody is so keen on that crap. Provided it has a very good EVF I even do not need an OVF. I would even more appreciate a swivel lcd and an EVF.
    Sure all plastic is not nice too but please no such retro design, please…….

  • Helena

    We are in 2012

    • guru

      Does that mean that camera body should be a plastic crap? AE-D looks to be a quality camera.. not made in china shit.

    • Ken R

      Yes, you are perfectly right Helena. I really can’t understand all those people crying for retro designs. It looks so old fashioned and in case of the presented design studies not even practical without a handgrip.
      By the way I really like your picture :-) Greetings to Spain.

  • awreer

    I have a Leica M and I am disapointed that anytime I’m out I get comments like: wow…your camera is cool! You’re fashionable person!
    Sh**……I don’t have a M with me just for ‘fashion’ GEEZ………
    I even had comments to ask me if my camera works and can efffectivly take pictures or if I just use it as a fashion accessory… -_-

    Can’t wait until this ‘retro’ trend stops…and so people just continue thinking I’m a weird guy shooting with oldies instead of a fashion victim.

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