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Multiple announcements starting from late August!

We will now have 2 weeks of relax before the companies will start to announce their new products:

Panasonic has scheduled two press events. One in late August (likely for the 24-70mm f/2.8 S) and on in September (SH1 release and new MFT camera)

Sony will announce two new cameras the last week of August. These will not be the A7sIII or A9II. So expect RX or APS-C cameras instead.

Canon will announce the new 70+ Megapixel EOS-R camera in September

Olympus will announce the new 20 Megapixel E-m5III in September/October

No info about new Z camera releases. I guess we will see some new S lenses….by the way when will we get the 58mmf/0,95 monster?

Fuji will announce the new X-PRO3 in September/Ocobter

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