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More info about the russian NX200 leak…

One of our readers made a correct translation of the russian NX200 rumor:
I have used a Samsung NX200 today: my first impressions are very positive. The AF is very fast indeed (in nothing inferior to Panasonic G3). NX200 looks stylishly and professionally, it is also appreciably more copact, the grip is more comfortable, although a bit too small for my hands. The screen is traditionally good. With respect to design I like it best of the whole Samsung collection (the NX100 is a far cry from the NX200). Together with the new 18–200 lens it looks quite solid. I could not still evaluate the image quality as I had a preproduction sampler in hand. I to get a production item in two weeks and hope to be able to compare it to (Sony) NEX, G3 and D7000.
The 18-200 is expected to have the best price among branded lenses of its class compared to its DSLR and mirrorless rivals (I am speaking about Canon/Nikon/Sony, not Sigma/Tamron/Tokina), this making the kit noticeably more competitive. The price of a Sony 18-200 discourages many potential buyers (the size of the Samsung lens being practically the same).

Some more info from that user:
1. No built-i EVF.
2. The screen is fixed (not tilting, not articulating)
3. The screen does not have touch capabilities

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