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More info about the new Blackmagic L-mount camera!

A new source shared me this (Thanks!):

Not related to Sony but instead to the recent story you published regarding Blackmagic joint L mount. It’s true, and as a result the upcoming pocket camera revisions will be much smaller than the current versions. Still housing large rear touchscreens, but thinner and boxier, with cageless mounting points like that found in the FX3/FX30 and Red cameras bodies.

Sensor is still Super35 6K provided by CMOSIS, but there are full frame bodies planned. Apparently since the FX3 and FX30 launched both Blackmagic and Panasonic have seen a sharp downturn in sales and both are looking to expand their share of the prosumer cinema market.

The new 6K will be smaller than the G2 but larger than an FX3. Similar to a Sony body in terms of visual designs, but all black. No IBIS but an improved version of the gyro stabilization, and it will shoot 6K at up to 75fps, and 4K up to 140fps. OLED screen and CFExpress Type B support.

Coming soonish. Maybe end of the summer.

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