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More Fujifilm X100S News And Hands-Ons (and X100s & X20 Press Conference At CES 2013) published the press conference hold by Hiroshi Kawahara of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Products Division. Although the post on is translated, the many slides shown in the post are not.

DPreview completed their hands-on review with new information bits, and they have some info also about the “Digital Split Image” manual focus aid (how it works).

EOSHD explains what’s new about video modes (there was a big update), and puts an eye on 1080/60p mode, high bitrate recording, and the anti-moire sensor.

Photographybay has another hands-on, and they made the video below about the X100S

Fujifilm X100S available for pre-order ($1299.95) at Amazon US | Adorama | B&H

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