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Mitakon to launch the world’s fastest 135mm f/1.4 Full Frame lens!

Zyoptics (also known as Mitakon) posted those images of their 135mm f/1.4 Speedmaster Full Frame lens! They did not specify when the lens will be launched and in what mount it will be available. On those pictures you can see it will certainly come for Canon EF mount. The Sony may use an adapter or a proper E-mount version of the lens. We don’t know yet. All current Speedmasters are sold for Canon-Nikon and Sony E-mount (Click here to see them on eBay).

I made a quick check and the fastest Full Frame lens I found is the Zeiss 135mm f/1.8 (Click here). If I am correct this should make the new Speedmaster the new fastest 135mm FF lens out there!

More images of the lens (Click on it to enlarge):

Low resolution image samples:

As soon as I have more info about the lens I will let you know!

Source: Weibo (via Xjrumo).

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