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Mirrorless Photokina news roundup…

There is a lot going on at Photokina and there is a need for a short roundup of all latest news! Here you have some links:
First, Leica preorders are now up at BHphoto: Black Leica M, Silver Leica M, Leica ME.
New Samsung NX lens hands-on at ePhotozine.
Sigma DP2 hands-on at Outbackphoto.
Match Technical Developing Thumbs Up for Fuji X-E1 at Echenique.
Fuji XF1 hands-on by Engadget.
Fuji X-E1 hands-on at Engadget.
Hasselblad video by Branding Value, FotoTVplus, Centrum Papieru (polish).
Zeiss pics at Photographyblog.
Novoflex Tilt- and Shift Bellows System for CSCs via Photographyblog.
An image sample wiht the 15mm lens at TheDigitalStory.
Nokton 17.5mm hands-on at ePhotozine.
E-PL5 samples at ePhotozine.
Nokton 25mm at ePhotozine.
Panasonic interview at Personal View.
GH3 Hands-on by GH3 hands-on at EosHD. Impression review at Digitalcamerainfo.
E-PL5 pictures at Photographyblog.
E-PM2 pictures at Photographyblog.
35-100mm X lens at CSCmagazine.
60mm hands-on at ePhotozine, Zuikoholics.
15mm cap lens at Popphoto.
Sony interview at Amateur Photographer

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