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Mirrorless news roundup…

Samsung NX30 Review: A $600 Mirrorless Camera that Feels like a DSLR

Camera Equipment of The Year – 2014 at Luminous Landscape.
Let’s see what the Samsung NX1 is REALLY capable of – shooting 4K in sunny Lisbon (EosHD).
Living With The Fuji X-T1 (Luminous Landscape).
Sony A6000 review by Lemon Studio on Youtube.
Sony A7 II review-in-progress (CameraLabs).
Will Canon/Nikon go FF mirrorless? (iLoveHatePhoto).
Why Sony is better than Leica (Jorge Torralba).
The Voigtlander R2A & R3A review at 35mmc.
Fujinon XF 56 mm f1.2 R: análisis (Quesabesde).
Rambus Lensless Sensor Presentation (Image Sensor World).
Sony A7S and Atomos Shogun (EosHD).
Mirrorless Interchangable – Where Does It Go In 2015? (Soundimagesplus).
Introduction to 4K for Photographers by Giulio Sciorio on Youtube.

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