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Mirrorless market share analysis in Japan (Olympus does well!)

The Japanese website BCNranking displayed the latest data about the Japanese camera market. 31% of all sold interchangeable cameras in May were Mirrorless! And those are the detailed results

Most sold cameras with interchangeable lenses:
The first two position are held by the two entry level cameras from Nikon and Canon. But on position three you can already find the first mirrorless camera the E-PL2 with 6.4% of the whole volume share. The Panasonic GF2 is on Position 5 with 6.2%. The is on Pos. 7 with 5.3%. And on position 9 you can find the in Japan only available E-PL1s.

Mirrorless Market Share (January to May 2011):
Olympus volume share is 37.95% of the whole mirrorless camera. Right behind you find Sony (32.02%) and than Panasonic (30.03%). The year 2010 ended with following shares Panasonic (38.7%), Sony (32.2%), Olympus (29.1%). As you see Olympus made a huge step forward.

Market share for all interchangeable cameras:
If you count the all interchangeable cameras (Mirrorless and DSLR) than Canon leads with 29.3%, followed by Nikon (27.4%), Sony (15.0%), Olympus (12.7%) and Panasonic (9.7%). Canon and Nikon both loosed market share during the last months.
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