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Meyer Optik Görlitz acquired by OPC Optic. But you still wont get your money back :( reports that Meyer Optik Görlitz got acquired by OPC Optic (another German company). There is a full german press text and below you can find the google tranlsated text. But two important news upfront:

1) Yes OPC Optic will now do Meyer Optik lenses again

2) No, if you had a lens on preorder on Kickstarter/indiegogo you will NOT get your money back. OPC Optic acquired the brand name but not the “net SE” company that is behind all that mess.Still, OPC Optic is considering you to give those people a discount on future lens purchases.

OPC Optics acquires trademark rights to Meyer Optik Görlitz following insolvency of Koblenzer net SE

– Entry into the consumer market for OPC Optics
– Brand should be filled with life as soon as possible
– Production and products are optimized and the portfolio streamlined
– Sales via classic distribution – no crowdfunding, no pre-sales
– Takeover of net SE contaminated sites is unfortunately not possible

OPC Optical Precision Components Europe GmbH based in Bad Kreuznach acquires the trademark rights to Meyer Optik Görlitz from the insolvent net SE and the SEMI Verwaltung GmbH. The specialist for aspheric and spherical glass lenses, with the takeover of Meyer Optik Görlitz, now also opens up the consumer market. With the help of their own technological know-how and synergies in the field of lens manufacturing, existing products are to be optimized, production processes professionalized and further products developed. After the unpleasant and sometimes inglorious downfall of the net SE, through which Meyer Optik was already considered lost, this development means a continuation of the popular lens series for the many Meyer Optik fans worldwide – such as Trioplan.

“It was regrettable to look at how Meyer Optik Görlitz, after the successful restart in 2014, by quality fluctuations, the many, sometimes parallel crowdfunding projects on various platforms, pre-sales of unpublished lenses on its own website and ongoing delivery delays, more and more reputation in the market lost. Nevertheless, we now see the chance for us to professionally and successfully establish a traditional German photography brand, “says Timo Heinze, Managing Director of OPC Optics. “To do that, we will definitely adopt a different, more conservative, approach and not crowdfund or pre-sell products. As a manufacturer, you simply have to take the time to grow such a brand so that you can grow your own capacities and ensure consistently high quality. ”

Optimization of the existing and changes of the production

The previous portfolio of Meyer Optik last included about 12 lens series. This, for a niche manufacturer, quite large portfolio is analyzed and streamlined accordingly. It can be assumed that popular model series such as the Trioplan 100 or the P58 (Primoplan type) will be continued. Whether the lenses just announced by the net SE such as the APO-Plasmat 105 or the Nocturnus DSLR will ever be implemented is currently unclear. As a specialist for high-precision aspherical and spherical lenses, OPC Optics will examine and further develop lens models that are considered to be valid.

“Thanks to our own technical expertise, further development is an obvious step and absolutely logical. First, we will perform an as-is analysis of existing designs and designs. Thanks to absolute high-end measurement and production techniques, we are then able to produce the lenses used with absolute precision and thus improve the optical performance. The production of the mechanical components and the assembly of the lenses will continue to be in Germany to ensure the best possible quality, “explains Heinze.

Classic Sales – No crowdfunding, no pre-sales

In contrast to the previous and now insolvent provider of Meyer Optik lenses, OPC Optics will strive for classic marketing with Meyer Optik. Neither crowdfunding nor pre-sales of unpublished products will be part of the business model. In the future OPC Optics will rely on its own direct sales as well as on the stationary photo trade. In this way OPC Optics intends a smooth and above all transparent exchange with its customers.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to take over the net SE contaminated sites

The takeover by OPC Optics includes all brand rights to Meyer Optik Görlitz and the associated products. Open claims from customers and suppliers towards net SE remain with net SE. Thus, vendors would have to contact the administrator of the net SE regarding these matters. OPC Optics, as a supplier of high-precision aspheres, is itself one of the suppliers of the net SE who still have outstanding demands on them.

As part of the reorientation of the brand, OPC Optics is examining whether discounts on the acquisition of an available lens can be realized for customers of net SE who have paid for and have not received a lens. Upon request, customers would then receive an individual offer. When or if such a model can be offered, is currently not fixed.

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