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List of upcoming announcements: E-M10III, EOS-M20, Fuji X-E3, Sony A7III and Panasonic ???

The A7II will be replaced by end 2017 or early 2018

Til late August we don’t expect any new camera announcement. But we have a realistic estimate of what we can expect during the second half of the year:

End August-Early September timeframe:
– Olympus E-M1oIII with 20MP and 4K
– Canon EOS-M20 with 24MP
– Panasonic entry level camera (no info about the camera model yet)

November at earliest:
– Sony A7III (24MP and 4K)

Unclear timeframe:
– Fuji X-E3 (end 2017?)
– Nikon FF (probably 2018 only)

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