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Leica R-solution is nothing else than a mirrorless camera?

Via Leicarumors we learned that LUF member toke notes during a meeting in October 2010 between Stephan Daniel and members of the LHSA. They talked about the ”digital R solution” from Leica:

  • The new camera is at the concept stage.
  • It will have EFV.
  • It will be able to use M lenses, probably with an adapter.

According to our sources Leica is working on a mirrorless system with built in EVF. It will take both R and M mount lenses. We also heard that the real problem is the Kodak sensor. Current sensors will not work on a mirrorless system that would use an electronic viewfinder system instead of a rangefinder system. Speculation: Leica is looking for a new partner…Sony instead of Kodak?

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