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Leica M10 review at CameraJabber

Fuji did steal the spotlight on the new Leica M10 camera (available here at BHphoto or Adorama). The camera costs just like the Fuji GFX and this will make you think twice if you shouldn’t go Medium format instead. But I guess true Leica fans will appreciate the rangefinder mechanism and the super high quality compact body of the Leica.

To learn more about the camera you can watch the image samples posted on Dpreview and read the new review from CameraJabber:

Leica had a tricky job on its hands when attempting to update the Typ 240. It’s aim was to bring a camera that’s valued for its traditional build and focus on the essentials of photography a little more up to date. I think it’s done a very good job. The handling has been streamlined and the addition of a sensitivity dial means that you can check and adjust all the exposure settings without powering up the camera.
All things considered, the Leica M10 is an excellent upgrade to the Leica Typ 240. In the right hands it’s capable of producing very attractive images with lots of natural detail. It’s also built to last.


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