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Korean forums going nuts on rumors: Samsung partnership with Fuji and Ricoh/Pentax???

Seems like Korean forums like and SLRclub are going nuts on Samsung rumors. I don’t know if this is a collective illusionary thinking or if is there something real behind it. Anyway, the main rumor here is that Samsung made agreements with Japanese companies to sell APS-C and FF sensors to them. A Korean readers sent me this summary to explain what’s going on (Thanks!):

Samsung is going to make FF and APSC sensor for Japanese companies. FF might be manufactured soon for one company and it might be Panasonic.

APSC sensors were already developed and sent to Fuji and Pentax. The sensor is similar to NX1 but improved version. Fuji will get only sensors and Pentax will get ISP package too. Also, both Samsung and Fuji developed a new sensor together(There is an article)

For APSC samsung sensor, it has…
– 28,2mp
– 6k video
– 10 bit 120fps
– H. 265 codec

The price will be 70% of Sony sensor.

Be aware that nobody still didn’t beat Samsung NX1’s video performance and at that time, it can shoot 15 FPS and 4k video with H. 265 codec. In South Korea, it is well-known that Samsung is going to manufacture camera sensors. Sony considered them as a biggest rival. Does Sony support H. 265 codec? Nope. That was 4 years ago.

There is a rumor that Fuji X-T3 used Samsung sensor because it supports DCI 4K 60p 10bit 4:4:2 400Mbps H.265 like NX1 and it is very plausible since Fuji joined and developed a new Samsung sensor.

Sony will face the biggest rival ever.

I repeat it, I have no rumor from my own sources to back it up. But I thought it’s interesting to report what people in Korea is thinking about the future Samsung sensor strategy…

UPDATE: The only FACT is that indeed Samsung and Fuji are working together on sensor tech. Read here: (Thanks Mistral!).

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