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K-01 announcement today. Price $749 for body.

That is damn thin pancake! the new 40mm f/2.8!

Today Pentax will announce the K-01. The price will be the following:

Body only: $749

Body+40mm kit: $899

Body+18-55mm +50-200mm: $999

As you already know it comes in black, white and yellow.

  • shigzeo

    That redefines pancake as far as I’m concerned. Of course, if the image circle is APS-C, it isn’t quite as impressive, but ‘wow’ anyway.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Easy to make short lens when you have most of that lens barrel length already in there as that long SLR flange back distance.
      Also focal length is probably optimum for the smallest possible lens size.

      • Miroslav


        Similar to what Panasonic did with 20mm F1.7 and Sony with 16mm F2.8. If Panasonic made 20mm F2.8, it would be as thin as this one I suppose.

  • What’s a Pentax?

    This is really poorly priced. So it’s mirrorless, but will only accept K mount lenses? It uses the same sensor as the Sony NEX C3 and 5N but is $200 more and enters the territory of the NEX-7 when you add some lenses. Pentax needs to rethink their pricing structure and take a good look at the NEX line to see how mirrorless should be done. One of the benefits of mirrorless is being able to shoot any lens. This camera is too restrictive by just staying with the K mount.

    Has Pentax fixed their quality control issues? Their flash and autofocus systems are horrible.

    Ricoh has their work cut out for them.

    • Matt

      Maybe they aren’t trying to be like every other mirrorless, did you think about that possibility? Being able to adapt other lenses IS NOT the purpose of mirrorless cameras, it is an added benefit. One of the added benefits with the K-01 is that there are already loads of lenses that work with it, probably fully without a $200+ adapter. Besides this isn’t a mirrorless competitor, it is a replacement to the K-r (Pentax’s previous entry SLR). It is to compete with the 1100D and D3100. Better IQ than those models, sans the VF which a lot of people attracted to entry SLRs would prefer a viable LV anyway, but they also gain a smaller camera.

      Yeah yeah, you don’t like it therefore it must be rubbish right? No market for it? I mean if an enthusiast such as yourself doesn’t get it then nobody will?

      • Steve

        If it has the K5 sensor it’s gonna p!ss all over entry level dslrs for image quality. That Pentax sensor rocks. I’d be tempted at this price but I won’t cos of resale values.

        • Matt

          Agreed. And the kit lens option will be much better as well than the waste of space kits on most, also very attractive $150 price difference for the kit pancake.

          Price is high, but Pentax often is at launch, however they drop down pretty quickly. I could have bought a K5 for similar money to the a65 I just ordered, the K5 in my opinion is a MUCH better camera – sadly went the a65 as I didn’t want to change systems again :(

          Went looking at prices of the Q (my biggest beef with the Q was the hefty price) and the prices of those have gone right down as well, $520 AUD with the 50mm equiv is actually looking pretty good.

    • mervis

      WaP: troll or just perpetually aggrieved?

      $749 is a pretty good price. With the right lenses, a potential high-end camera for under a grand. Focus peaking, people!

      Also, don’t care about size. Why all the relentless clamor for camera shrinkage? Who carries a camera in their pocket, anyway? Does it fit my hands? Does it have a strap? Yes? Good, then.

  • Zarkon

    The Pentax DA 40mm covers the full 35mm frame (so does its predecessor the Pentax M 40mm lens). This new 40mm XS was derived from the older lenses and should cover the 35mm frame as well.

    • Mistral75

      Not necessarily. FA 35mm f/2 covers 24×36 frame. DA 35mm f/2.4 does not, even though it shares the same formula.

      • Denis

        DA 35 f2.4 covers FF

  • Agnius

    Nice alternative for people with Pentax lenses. But because of that I can only attach bulky SLR lenses, so what’s the point? Slower focus? I can not see market for this camera, it brings nothing new to the table. Design – that’s in the eye of beholder… After uber expensive Fuji (which has Leica M lens possibility going for it) Pentax is even more of a let down. Why, oh why are they trying to create another dSLR sized camera minus the mirror? I don’t get it. I hope Leica doesn’t disappoint with M10.

  • Zarkon

    There is no point to having a wafer thin camera (Sony Nex and m4/3 – both successful in the market) only to have large lenses on it. Compare the camera and lens combination to get a real idea of size. A camera without a lens is useless!

  • shigzeo

    Yes, SLR’s are much much larger and require larger lenses. My Canon P’s LTM lenses are zoo much smaller and cover 35 mm very well. The throat of its lenses is smaller than the throat of APS-C lenses, too. The mystique here is that it is very like an SLR and can use the glut of Pentax K lenses, but of course, there are so many large K lenses, too, that it negates some of the point of a mirrorless camera.

  • inteliboy

    Is this APS-C?

    • kiollo

      yea, same sensor k-5 fantastic!

  • Matt

    I’m glad they are offering it in a prime kit. Also believe this camera is a lot smaller than people think it is. K-Mount = Good. AF – Well can’t be any worse than other CDAF cams (guessing only for the new version lenses).

    Style, well it looks like design by committee. I know it says Marc Newson on there, but first of all he would have been given a brief to follow, especially around engineering etc. Secondly this camera has A LOT of the same design cues that the Q has, which wasn’t designed by Marc (so far as I know) so my guess is Marc had a lot to do with those all those new styled (and somewhat cartoonish) buttons and knobs, in fact they really smack of Newson’s style. So yes it is a bit of a mess. Pentax design with Marc Newson details.

    I would call it handsome, I guess. Not too retro, not too boxy and dull. Definitely more of what I expected than the earlier mockups. Not pretty or attractive though. It looks kinda sturdy and brutish, like a bulldog camera – so yeah I kinda quite like it. Too bad I moved on from Pentax a little while ago…

    • Nico Foto

      AF can be worse indeed. The k mount lenses are not optimized for cdaf.

  • Matt

    It is funny, everyone give Sony NEX such a hard time for the size of their lenses and keep telling them to look at Pentax for lens designs and that is how small they want them, then Pentax are on the verge of bringing out a slightly bigger camera, with even smaller lenses and everyone whinges the body is too big etc.

    Pentax bring out a tiny body with tiny lenses and the sensor is too small (Q). Panasonic bring out a small body like NEX (GF3), with small lenses but people complain about the lack of controls, hotshoe, EVF and lower IQ.

    Everyone is an expert and nobody is happy :)

    • Steve

      Yeah, spoiled for choice turns out to be just spoiled eh ?

  • ronin

    So we’re back to proprietary lens mounts and formats.

    This muddies the waters. Micro 4/3 is yet another proprietary format, albeit with 1-1/2 vendors conforming to it. It is no longer the gold standard for mirrorless, given the broad divergency of formats, it’s just the first one in the pool.

    • mervis

      Huh? Muddies what waters? All camera brands have proprietary formats (except kinda-sorta MFT). That’s why there are so many adapters on the market. No doubt adapters will become available for this camera.

      • Denis

        LOLWUT? You will only be able to mount old M42 lenses and that’s all. Such an M42→K-mount adapter exists for a long time already.

  • MacGyver
  • Don

    I am happy!
    this camera is exactly what I’ve been wanting and the fact I’m gonna have the k-5’s image quality, with BETERR video capabilities than the k-5 at half the asking price of the original k-5 is an awesome deal!
    I will buy one for sure!

  • Matt

    Yay for some enthusiasm. $899 for a smallish camera, with a decent (it’s a Pentax) prime, high ISO performance up there with the very best, decent ergonomics, probably really nice build – what is not to like?

  • KAZZ


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