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Japan: Full Mirrorless market analysis

Japan is the one country that leads the mirrorless revolution started by Olympus and Panasonic four years ago. And the latest market analysis released by BCNranking (translation here) shows how 50% of all sold system cameras are mirrorless. And it is expected that the growth will continue at cost of the DSLR systems. The graph on top shows how Olympus leads the market with 28.6% closely followed by Sony (23.5%), Panasonic (17.3%) and Nikon (12.8%). The real winners of the year are Sony and Canon. Sony managed to surpass Panasonic and Canon is actually selling the new EOS-M that well that it almost caught up with Nikon. In October these were the most sold cameras in Japan: E-PL3 (10.6%), NEX-5N (10.3%), EOS-M (9.2%), GF5 (8.9%).

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