ISO test: Fuji X PRO compared with the Canon 5D markII

Fuji promised us that the X PRO 1 has a better resolution and noise handling than Full Frame cameras. To check if that is true visit the Japanese website DSL-check (Click here / via Fujirumors) They posted the ISO comparison between the Fuji and the Canon 5D markII (Click on the image to see the full size image on their website). As you can see you have both a JPEG and RAW comparison. And which one is better?

If you look for more images samples than the famous Japanese website (Click here) posted a set of image new Fuji X PRO 1 full size image samples. Scroll down to see them! Also the swedish magazine Alltombild (Click here) posted full size JPEG images. An ISO test has been posted by Itmedia (Click here).

UPDATE: Views on Fuji Xpro1 from Fotosidan (Sweden). Positive impressions from the tester:
Manual focusing – much better than X100
AF – quick if you have something to focus on
2nd camera for pro’s and others with HQ DSLR equipment
1st camera for steet photographers
Very sharp at ISO 200
jpg smearing at high ISO

The Fuji X PRO 1 camera can be preordered:
in USA/Canada at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), Epxansys US (Click here) and Expansys Canada (Click here).
in Europe at Jessops UK (Click here), eBay Italy (Click here) and Expansys UK (Click here).
in Asia at Amazon Japan (Click here) and eBay Japan (Click here).

The Fuji X 18mm f/2.0 can be preordered:
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The Fuji X 35mm f/1.4 can be preordered:
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The Fuji X 60mm f/2.4 macro can be preordered:
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  • Ken R

    That is obvious! For me, the Canon EOS 5D Mk II is much better!!!!

    • DaStar

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Jean-Michel

      +1 !

  • Kylberg

    RAW: At 1600, Canon shows more detail and noice. From 3200 Fuji has slightly better detail and lower noice. Impressive for an APS-C vs FF. (Note: Silkypix is really low quality, producing dull images.)
    Fuji IQ and lens program is great, My concerns with this camera are:
    1. Will it be a mature camera without major downsides – or another excellent concept camera with flaws and inconsistencies as X100, X10.
    2. AF speed and accuracy – OK or on X100 level
    3. Why is it so big? Only 25 g more weight than Oly EM5, but much larger? It may be that the ergonomy/usability is excellent thanks to the size?
    This camera is definately potentially the camera I need, in competition with Oly EM5 and forthcoming Pana “very high end”. NEX-7 is no longer in contention due to few good lenses and lenses with strange focal lenght. All lenses I need are in the Fuji lens program and in m43. With NEX I just can’t see Sony know where they are heading with their lens strategy.

    • Vincent

      About the AF speed, the guys at are mentioning that the auto-focus is very slow.
      They have a video on YouTube (3 days ago) here :
      In the comments, they mention : “Wait for our review. The autofocus is very slow.”

    • Miroslav

      “Why is it so big?”


      Main obstacle for me. Scale it to 120x70mm ( looking from the front ) and I’ll be interested.

  • mkln

    Are these all 100%? if so, they are not comparable
    jpeg comparison? why not raw?

  • thethirdcoast

    I am not a fan of Fuji’s retro pandering, but their new sensor has done very well in this trial. I would have preferred to see RAW files converted in Lightroom, but Fuji’s RAW noise performance is very impressive, particularly at ISO 1600 and above.

    • mervis

      Retro or just proper time-tested camera design?

      Camera form-and-function kind of lost its way during the first decade of digital. Happy to see the manufacturers starting to show more respect for the real photographers out there.

      • inteliboy

        Didn’t realise a camera with manual controls = retro…

        It’s a shame how automated photography has become with digital.

    • Miroslav

      “I am not a fan of Fuji’s retro pandering”


      Shutter speed dial is an overkill. That was used before auto exposure. If they wanted to be retro, why don’t they bundle black cloth with camera as well? So that the photographer can cover his head ;) ?

  • E-PL

    The SikyPix crops seem not to have any NR. If these jpegs are straight out of Raw files, it is clear that the sensor of X Pro1 performs quite much better than the that of 5D Mk II.

    The first rows seem to be in-camera jpegs. X Pro1 has impressive amount of details in ISO 400 and 800 crops competing well against FF 5D!

    X Pro1 seems to apply a bit more sharpening to the in-camera jpegs. This can be seen in higher edge sharpness.

    Overall, great results for an APS-C sensor!

    • matt

      Black cloth awesome idea, I used to shoot large format and have been hating 5D II lcd in daylight,, why didn’t I think of this!

    • mervis


      What exactly is wrong with a shutter-speed dial?

      Would you rather dig around in the menus? Push unlabelled buttons? Have the camera do it for you?

      Plus also, just off the top of my head, I can think of many film-era cameras that kept the shutter dial well after the advent of auto-exposure.

      • Miroslav

        Turning the mode dial to S ( when needed ) and then turning the command dial to desired value is much better for me. I think that dedicated shutter speed dial is not needed in 2012.

        Manual mode is something that requires you to take your time anyway, so not having a dial for every setting is not a big problem.

        • hexx

          I still don’t understand what you’re on about. Set aperture ring to A and you are in Shutter priority mode. Set shutter speed dial to A and you are in Aperture priority mode. Set both to A and you are in Program Auto. Set aperture ring and shutter dial to whatever value you want and you are in full manual.

          How is this inconvenient, isn’t it actually much better? – at least for me, I prefer this to bloody PASM dial.

    • Sergio

      Because it’s not a imitation view camera, silly.

    • awreer

      What is clear?

      Both cameras look fairly comparable in term of Iso.
      One is APSC, the other one is Full Frame but was released few years ago.


      Moreover, if you look at the fingers at the iso6400 picture you can see that the Canon is more detailed. Not by much, I personnaly call it a close call…but as you stated…no…the X pro is not quite much better than the 5D Mk II. It’s similar…or let’s say really slightly inferior at highest isos.

  • BozemanMark

    To my eyes, both the NEX-7 and NEX-5N look better than the 5D-MKII in the DPReview comparison tool, so maybe this isn’t the best comparison to judge how good the X Pro is.

  • TysonRobichaud


    Firstly, my question here would be, how are these files resized? Have the 5dII files been down resed, or have the Fuji files been up resed to match dimension? If these are just cropped into to “match” it would be an incorrect or at least, misleading comparison, regardless of the perceived result. Any native Japanese speakers able to translate?

    Secondly, my experience with Silkypix is that it has done a poor job at RAW processing, and might not be a great example. I’d think a third party software that could handle both sets of files, or use SP for the Fuji files and DPP for the Canon files to allow each companies files to be converted with proprietary settings would be more fair.

    Finally, if Fuji is comparing performance vs a 3.5 year old Full Frame sensor (which they may or may not be as this was an independent test) I’d think it would be a somewhat bogus way of “beating” a full frame sensor, but kudos to the 5D. Still staying relevant via all these comparisons.

    • Atlasman

      Well said!

    • hexx

      yes, silkypix is horrid (at least on mac). I hope that there will be full support in upcoming LR4 and ACR.

      I believe they decided to compare it with 5DMK2 because of the age of it, otherwise there would be no comparisons with FF cameras :)

      quite frankly I don’t care if it’s better or not, all I want is usable ISO6400, X100 already gives me usable ISO3200.

  • tkpenalty

    These samples are impossible to compare; the subject is not actually static with different light intensities and the water spray.

    The X pro 1 seems impressive due to not natively having as much chroma noise as much, however as I suspected severe moire splotches at higher sensitivities means that its harder to clean up through processing; the noise signature is NOT uniform due to the layout of photodiodes.

    Chucking that sample through ACR, the 5d mk II is able to be cleaned up without any Luma noise. The xpro1 loses out.

    The camera is a bit overhyped I reckon.

    • hexx

      nope, x-pro1 seems much better than 5DMK2 on high iso, but it doesn’t surprise me (RAW comparison not JPEG).
      I’d love to see comparison with D700 or D3s though.

  • Noktonite

    The Canon looks better and has better tones.

  • Joe

    I tried the camera at the WPPI convention at Las Vegas last week. I can confirm that not only is the auto-focus is very slow, but on both the EVF and the screen, there is a freeze-pause for about 1/2 a second as the focus changes from near to far and vice versa. It’s super noticeable and kinda disconcerting. Hopefully they will fix that problem.

    Not a fan of the shutter speed dial, either. Feels slow to change on the fly

    • hexx

      how does it feel slow? and how is it different from the one on SLR? I don’t understand, it’s just exposed on Fuji where on SLR it’s hidden in the body – but it’s still a shutter speed dial.

  • Mr Hipsta

    If the task is to compare resolution, why is the 5D2 picture resized? (You get less resolution when downsamling obviously)

  • Williams

    To me, nothing looks special. It’s not better than 5DmkII. Actually I just had a chance to test XPRO1 myself. AF speed may be too slow for my expectation. If you are familair with X100, this is okay. MF is a serious problem. I really have no idea why FUJI provides a M-mount adapter wihtout MF method.

    • Kylberg

      Williams: MF of a MF lens with the X pro1 more or less works in the same way as for Pana and Oly. You use the real focus ring on the lens and judge by you eye when you have focus. As with m43 you can, by click a button, zoom in in order to better see if you have sharpness.

      Manual focus of Fuji AF lenses is another thing. This has improved a bit from X100 (a more direct ratio), but even if the focus ring is on the lens, control is by wire.

      • Vincent

        It means that you have to use EVF in order to MF the M-mount glass. Right? hybrid OVF is therefore helpless in this case.

        • awreer

          Yes, it becomes an other NEX-like camera…but without the focus peaking.

  • hexx

    quite a lot of photographs started to appear on Flickr, here’s link to X-Pro1 group:

    some high ISO photos:

  • Dennis

    I thought Fujifilm made the sensor for the XP1… Maybe they got it wrong on this site:
    Anybody knows if its true?

  • pancanikonpusamy

    5dmk2 sensor still kicking ass for so many comparison in across all brands:D miracle…

  • chris

    Interesteing that the lauded Fuji super sensor with a prime does no better than a camera released in 2008 with a decent zoom. The 24-105L is a good lens, but a prime will easily outperform it. I have one and had a few Canon primes before moving to Zeiss ZE. The Canon primes were sharper and produced much more detail. The Zeiss lenses are out of this world in comparison. The Canon 28/1.8 can be found for about $400 and would make a much better comparison, its much sharper than the 24-105.

    The Fuji images look good for APS-c, but the new 5d will likely leave this in the dust. I personally haven’t seen anything that looks better than a Nex 5n with a good prime. Heck, the upcoming T4i with a new sensor and DIGIC V will probably out perform the Fuji and will be priced at less than half the Xpro1’s body price. Add to that a much better lens selection and better video capabilities, faster focusing with USM lenses, real manual focusing and you have to wonder why anyone would buy the Fuji. Maybe if Canon makes the T4i look like an old rangefinder camera it too will be the “must have” camera of 2012.

    • hexx

      one reason comes to my mind – street photography and also excellent for travelling

  • Okeygrak

    This picture grid and subsequent thread pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with the overwhelming mass of digital photography discussion on the internet.

    • chris

      IMHO, from the samples posted so far, the Nex can do both as well or better at a fraction of the price, and its well documented how easily high quality legacy glass adapts to the Nex mount, add focus peaking to the mix and Nex makes a better street/travel camera.

  • Soe

    I process 5D Mk2 RAW files in Lightroom—at ISO 6400, 5D Mk2 files seem much better than what is being shown here, processed with SilkyPix. By looking at these shown samples, I personally would not make a conclusion that Fuji X1 Pro high ISO images have better resolution and noise handling. I think we’d need to see more images.

  • Kylberg

    The Fotosidan” first look is done by its editor-in-chief who does a lot street photo using Leica M6 and Canon 5DMkII. He is very positive, but regrets Fuji giving priority to the 24mm equivalent over the 35mm.
    One thing: Fuji said they do not cooperate with Adobe.

    About 5DMkII: While old, still the IQ of files is excellent and famous. In the end FF has a larger area than APS-C and will always be ahead. In that perspective the RAW performance of Fuji over the ISO range is very impressive. The quality/validity of examples is by no means overwhelming, and we still do not now how Fuji performs IQ-wise. What we know is how well the X100 does in this department and the question is HOW MUCH better the x pro1 is.

  • Ryan_t

    IMHO, I think the IQ of NEX5N and XPRO1 is not much different. And thus if you look at “cost VS preformance” , NEX5n is still more interesting espectially about its ability to support manual focus lens.

    • hexx

      that’s one really good sensor in 5N. I wish they make nex-7 with that sensor

  • KenX5

    Thank you for this information. I feel better that I haven’t pre-ordered yet. The image quality test result is not outstanding to me.

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