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Interview with Pentax at ePhotozine (New mirrorless coming at CP+ show? K-mount module too?)

Jonathan Martin from Pentax has been interviewed by ePhotozine (Click here). When asked about the how well the Pentax Q has been received he simply answers that is it a great camera. I guess this means that it isn’t exactly a hotseller :)

What’s really important are the following two statements: When asked about a possible new mirrorless product from Pentax he said: “2012 is going to be a very exciting year, and that news is already out there, although we can’t go into details.“. This sounds like a clear “YES” to me.

And here comes the news I got from one of my trusted sources. He said that Pentax will launch a new mirrorless camera system at the CP+ show in Japan (mid February). He also heard that it will be launched with one pancake lens. I hope more sources can soon give me more details about the system. Stay tuned!

And Amateur Photographer (Click here /via Ricehigh, via Noisycamera) reports that Ricoh is considering the release of a K-mount module.

P.S.: Also Sony, Panasonic and Olympus will launch new cameras and lenses right before the CP+ show!

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