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Interesting worldwide camera market analysis by the German Photokina partner GFK.

The German Photokina partner agency GFK published those graphs and data about the worldwide camera market trend. And there are plenty of interesting info!

Let’s start from the graph on top. It shows:

1) The low end compact camera market is rapidly shrinking
2) The premium camera market (DSLR+Mirrorless+premium fixed lens) are growing
3) Mirrorless is growing more than DSLR
4) The overall revenue is growing.


That graph shows that Mirrorless market share is growing in Asia primarily but also in Europe.

And than it’s very interesting to read when people actually prefers to use a proper camera over a smartphone camera:

And these are the top 5 reason why smartphone user decide to buy a digital camera:

In summary. The analysis form GFK debunks a couple of myths:

1) DSLR market is not shrinking. It’s well alive and stable.
2) Mirrorless market is growing (despite some sites claiming the opposite). Although it’s growing less than expected and still has a hard time to get popular in USA.
3) The future for premium digital camera makers is bright because the overall market is expected to growth!
4) Digital camera Companies are making more money than before! They are selling less lower margin compact cameras. But they are also selling more higher margin premium cameras!


Well, what’s your thought on this?


found via Photoscala.

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