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Interesting info from CP+: Tamron considering making RF and Z mount lenses

Valuetech shared some insights collected at the Cp+ show:

  1. Sony Germany expects to lose some market share this year
  2. Third party manufacturer confirm the larger mount from Canon RF, Nikon Z and Leica L gives some small design advantage over the Sony E-mount. Particularly when it comes to get less Vignetting. Still, all confirmed that yes you can do superfast lenses for Sony E-mount too but this isn’t going to happen anyway for obvious reasons (too costly, too big).
  3. Tamron is considering making native RF and Z mount lenses. But they are not sure if they will simply adapt the existing FE lenses.
  4. Tamron said they will no mor make lenses for Sony A-mount
  5. Nikon said a camera above the Z7 is likely to come
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