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Hot! First images of the Samsung Galaxy NX mirrorless system camera!

You really thought the Galaxy S4 Zoom would be the big Samsung hit of the month? Nope! Samsung will announce the new Galaxy NX system camera in a special London event on June 20th. And right now the Vietnamese website tinhte leaked the pictures of the new Galaxy NX camera (Click on the pics to see a large size version).

The camera has a 4.3-inch display that on these pictures displays the Android Jelly Bean with Samsungs TouchWiz. The camera should feature a Exynos 4 Quad-Core-Processor with 2 GB RAM and 8 or 16 GB built-in storage (you can chose one or another). It has a 20.3 Megapixel APS-C sensor, records 1080p Full HD. Price should be around 1.000 Euro.

found via Mobilegeeks .

  • Steve

    Well, at least it has a power button.

    • Eric Tastad

      It does fix an annoyance I have about the NEX. The grip is very wide and your fingers won’t catch on larger lenses, I can barely fit my fingers in the NEX 7 grip with a 10-18 mounted, my knuckles just rub on the lens. However, this makes the camera look a bit stretched out.

      I will wait to pass judgement on it until I use it, I think I would miss the articulated screen of the NX20, but I sure would love that massive screen for composition. If you think a full frame viewfinder is large, how about a full size cell phone scree, looking at my S4 it doesn’t look much smaller. I almost prefer the method of using a “normal” camera and integrate the cell phone wirelessly (remote viewfinder).

  • Raz

    Just because you can… doesn’t mean you should. A lesson Samsung would do well to learn.

  • Joe

    talk about lack of manual controls

    • anonyous

      The manual control is the touch screen.

      • MdB

        Which I’m sure will work REALLY well when using the EVF ;)

        • dan

          You’re trying way too hard to keep your job at Sony , kid. LOL What, are they paying you up to 40 cents per comment to troll and bash for them. Sony’s been losing money since 2008, sorry, kid, you need to grow something between your ears the next time you open your trolling yap.

        • tim

          no reason for physical buttons or dials when you have a camera app :)

        • tjobbe

          putting that Andoid NX at eye level with the viewfinder should not be an issue if you are used to use the iFN button to modify aperture, shutter, WB, and ISO as well as the top plate dial/push should work as well when you hold that cam on eye level

          I find that very interesting that everyone believes that you need to have buttons on the back to operate any NX within basic PASM modes…

          Get used to use the iFN and you are done….

          BTW: old legacy lenses had the aperture and shutter speed dials frequently as well as a feature on the lens or the front side of the body and no one complaint about not having any buttons on the back when using the optical view finder…

  • anonyous

    Argghh. So close yet so far. Why couldn’t they make it a rangefinder style like NEX-6/7/Fuji Xe-1 without a big bulky dslr sized grip? Well… at least it has an EVF I guess….

    • tecnoworld

      The nx300 with 1cm more in height could accomodate an evf on one side…and would be much a better camera than this one…at least imho…

      • anonyous

        Yes, the NX300 was very close to my ideal camera. If it had an EVF it would pretty much be the Sony NEX-7 with touch screen and access to all the Samsung pancakes.

        • tecnoworld

          It has even more resolution than nex7, once normalized to the same mpixel count. Anyway the nx300 is still a great camera even w/o evf.

      • BdV

        Surely I would rather would for that one to come out.

        • dan

          Yawn. Say something that doesn’t make you sound like a hater, kid. See you in the next Samsung or Canon post. I bet you I can predict what you’re gonna say, kid. LOL

  • VeijoM

    A nose controlled camera…
    Wonder what is the resolution of the evf, in other words, when everything else is actually quite interesting, at least as a concept, how low resolution evf Samsung dares to go with this. Well, IF this is not a prank, then, we will soon find out. And Samsung will find out if it’s chosen path is giving profit.

  • Kragom

    This will be more interesting when we see what it can do with all the apps and remotrd with a mobile phone…

  • Milan

    But does this camera act like a phone? I mean, can you surf internet, make calls (normal ones, and skype), etc..? If not, what is the point? And if yes, what is the point also, to not need to carry your phone when you carry the camera?

  • tim

    Why make a big-ish camera and then put no control-buttons/dials on it???

    Would have made more sense with a NX300 style body – and use the space that’s freed up by having no buttons for a viewfinder…

  • ihur

    cool concept, epic failure

  • jk

    this one looks ugly but it will be a big hit, it might be the final winner in the mirrorless world.

    if possible I would like to see iOS version of it.

  • CGL

    Gag me! It looks like someone stuffed an iPhone in the back. Samsung should stick to making refrigerators ;-)

    • tecnoworld

      Rather a samsung galaxy s3/4…not iphone.

      And nx300 is a very – very – good camera.

      • MdB

        No it really isn’t.

        • dan

          If you hate Samsung so much, why are you here kid? Surprised Admin hasn’t banned your lamer arse yet. Your comments are a big waste of ram.

        • tecnoworld

          I’m curious to know why not…and to read your scientific analysis :-)

  • B.D

    That’s what you get when you let computer engineers and not photographers do the design. This thing will not sell at all.

    1) too expensive for the consumers it’s intended to (their idea of expensive camera is in the $300 bracket
    2) too useless for any real photographer or photo enthusiast. Nobody wants to fiddle with a lcd screen for WB/ISO/Flash exp-comp/Aperture/Shutter speed it. We have EyeFi cards if we want to do instant editing on an android device…

    Pity how much disrespect Apple and Samsung seem to have towards people, ignoring those in the know and trying to cater to dumb masses and impulse buyers.

  • vodanh1982

    How about a camera module that you can snap a phone to the back?

  • Warfie35

    Actually to me seems more like an evolution of the Nex series, mixed up with the snap and go functionality of the OM-D. Both of them, in different ways, took away from traditional old-style concept of camera.
    There is so much difference between this camera and the Sony, from the “lack of manual controls” point of view and phone-like body of the Nex-7?. There is so much difference between this camera and the OM-D, from the “touch and shoot” phylosophy point of view?.
    This “strange thing” take a step forward and away from traditional way of shooting.
    It is for all the reason above I have a Fuji.

  • tony

    For a 1k EUR camera, the lack of physical controls is a joke.
    For a 1k EUR android device, the ergonomics is almost an insult. Any attempt to type something on that thing with lens attached will look ridiculous for sure.

    I wonder what kind of enthusiast would pay 1k for a device that is neither a proper camera nor a proper android device, esp. if the competition got cheaper offerings that also are better cameras. But I guess the original Galaxy Camera must have sold well enough or otherwise Samsung wouldn’t have produced this.

  • tttttt

    I wonder how long it would take to reboot when you swap out the battery.

  • MdB

    This HAS to be a joke, no one would be that stupid to release this… Oh wait, Samsung would :P

    • dan

      Haters gotta hate. Trollers gotta troll, and shills gotta go shilling.

  • Common Sense

    Now i believe that Samsung will be the NUMBER ONE mirrorless camera maker/seller and in 5 years it will be number one in the world regardless category (in 5 years DSLR will be sold solely in Goodwill ;-)

    • MdB

      Yes because like mobile phones (which is where Samsung got popular) all you need to make a good camera is to jam a big screen and as much ‘specs’ in there as you can and voila! Instant brilliance!…

      Erm except none of that is true. This is the worst abomination of a design I have EVER seen… And it is utterly typical of Samsung.

      Now all the NX clowns will tell us how their lenses are better than the NEX lenses and how great Samsung is… Bit sad really.

  • Sonny

    Cool, i guess i will buy one and get busy with facebook app.

  • Carlos Echenique

    The point of using a general purpose OS in a digital camera is to open it up to third parties to extend the functionality of the camera in ways the camera maker could not predict, not to stuff it with bloatware. Seriously, how often will you surf the net or check your e-mail on your camera? I can just imagine a streetshooter about to get the perfect shot when “You’ve Got Mail!” gets blurted out of the camera.

    • Anonymous

      you just sound like a very elitist person. the world we live in is changing, photography is changing. get over yourself. and i’m pretty sure the last time a computer made a ‘you’ve got mail’ sound was probably in the early 1990s.

  • MdB

    Nah just stuff ‘Galaxy’ android crap into any consumer electronics device and idiots will buy it. ‘It’s totally awesome and way more open’ they’ll say, because ‘they’z totally hackzors’ :P

    So glad I moved away from NX cameras!

  • Pei

    Wonderful. Samsung users continue their role as jokes in the photographer crowd. “Can I borrow your camera, I need to check my mail.”

    • MdB

      Sorry the mail app crashed… besides I am busy wrestling with a lens correction module that thinks I have a fisheye attached… Better do a battery pull in 3, 2, 1…

      • Xoden

        Did somebody with Samsung NX caught and photoed you with your pants down?
        You seem too touchy.

  • Brandon

    So does this mean I now can watch porn in public through the viewfinder? Awesome!

    • Samson

      Very funny idea. The function of professional styled camera is capture image and video, not do watching any video or read e-mail.

  • Samson

    I don’t want to get those any DSLR/Mirrorless camera that comes with Android because it make me really “not serious on photography”

  • Camaman

    This is a real step forward to anyone who ever whined about a missing feature.
    Somebody will root it, and than all bets are off!


  • zinjanthropus

    It may not have the ergonomics of a camera, but surely it brings up some interesting possibilities – such as voice control. You could tell the camera to adjust settings – such as ISO or shutter speed. It may not be an ideal solution in its current state, but Android integration could create a paradigm shift in how we use cameras.

  • MP

    Finally a Camera can have a Phone feature. ;)

  • hexx

    all I can do is really just LOL!!! WTF is that??? if it gets cold and you have gloves you’re f***ed :D

  • Eisenvater

    Hey folks … android was originally developed for cameras not for mobile. So this is the right way to develop good UX interfaces for cameras.

  • Sam Lee

    So the camera is always on? Or it would take 3 minutes to turn on your camera?

  • JesperMP

    I kinda like it !

    Big sculpted grip and a genuine thumb-rest is a huge plus in my book.
    Huge screen (looks like 4.8″ or thereabout). I would have liked the screen to swivel though.
    Very sparse controls apart from the touch screen, but at least there is one dial. So you could still control exposure compensation with the eye to the viewfinder.
    Definitely not for everybody, but if the UI is well made, it could be a winner.

  • Paul Latouche

    I can’t wait reading reviews of that… thing.
    Of course early adopters will curse and suffer, but maybe aspects of this technology will draw attention and it will set a trend.
    That is indeed a strong concept.

  • Brandon S

    There are some astoundingly ignorant comments here. Zinjanthropus has one of the few intelligent things to say.

    Why email? Uh, to email your photos? To have full dive-in depth to attach those photos, in whatever format, along with whatever else, to see the response…you know, all the things you formerly had to sit down at a computer to do. How could this be any clearer? Most of the commentators here…well we can all be glad they aren’t designing cameras. This is not just a case of failing to have vision, but failing to see what should be self-explanatory.

    Several other things I’ve seen mocked here and elsewhere: Clock, Video, Memo, Browser…if you can’t figure the utility of all those items…the problem is you, not the camera.

    But let’s pretend they all have no purpose. They just exist there. For free. What, exactly, what in the name of all things good and holy, would cause you to complain that they didn’t arbitrarily remove those features? Why would I * not* want hardware perfectly capable of pulling double-duty? What would be wrong with consolidating functions into a single device? With multi-tasking? With given the *user* the option, the choice?

    If nothing else Android is a system that offers more headroom for advancing technology, and allows for more fluid updates. Why would we ever want archaic and proprietary menu systems, when Android can both emulate and exceed anything currently produced?

    You nay-sayers have just been given a radically better base system, but you complain because it does *more* than you need. It’s embarrassing.

    • tony

      You don’t seem to get the arguments. If this was just added utility, nobody would care.

      – a touch panel doesn’t replace physical controls. Suppose you go M with your camera and set the wheel to A. Any time you want to adjust shutter speed, you’d have to take the camera off the EVF and controls things via touch panel. That doesn’t sound like the control scheme of a 1k EUR camera to me. Actually, I guess it’s the only camera with integrated EVF that’s got such a poor control scheme.
      – android is a jack of all trades and master of none. It’s comparably unstable and slow. It eats away battery very fast.
      – Having another photographically irrelevant quadcore processor besides your dedicated circuitry in your camera will increase thermal noise.
      – As an android device, the handling won’t be good as well, esp. with lens attached. At least I can’t imagine typing comfortably because most tablets and smartphones rely on being hold with both hands while typing. The grip gets in the way.

      With all those shortcomings, why not just carry a phone and a camera separately?

      • Jun

        I-function button you know. That is the physical control button. Their lenses have it all.

    • mahler

      Instead of icons on an oversized screen with probably suboptimal readability in bright sun light, I would prefer a user interface with analog controls (like on the Fujis), for which this camera does not have room. Instead I have to navigate through this Android crap.

      Samsung put the nail into the coffin for the NX system with this approach.

    • mahler

      Instead of icons on an oversized screen with probably suboptimal readability in bright sun light, I would prefer a user interface with analog controls (like on the Fujis), for which this camera does not have room. Instead I have to navigate through this Android crap.

      Samsung put the nail into the coffin for the NX system with this approach.

    • mahler

      Instead of icons on an oversized screen with probably suboptimal readability in bright sun light, I would prefer a user interface with analog controls (like on the Fujis), for which this camera does not have room. Instead I have to navigate through this Android crap.

      Samsung put the nail into the coffin for the NX system with this approach.

  • Jun

    I think it’s a new steps they made for something different. And it makes people exciting and awkward at the same time. But I think Samsung hadn’t been on the big league for cameras. Trying new thing is good and who knows. Their main goal is not niche market. More common consumer who uses their camera for Instagram or Facebook or even family trips. For that reason I think this might be the right position. And those market is huge I think. Let’s see how it goes.
    Camera market is so interesting these days. Changing every year and who know what is gonna come out on the maket 10 years later.

    • cab10886

      Imagine the possibilities. Put the silliness of this camera aside and think of the possibilities… If this takes a SIM card, then you should be able to upload your pictures as soon as you take them. If you like filters, well now you have access to all artsy effects and filters software developers can come up with. Imagine being able to customize your camera in every way possible.
      Do you need to wirelessly print your photo? Just fire up the printing app and print! How about talking over the phone to a friend while taking pictures? (assuming this thing has a mic and headphone in/outs)

      From a photographer’s point of view, this is an expensive and silly toy. To a hacker, this is a wonderful new toy that can be hacked into doing many new things. To a regular joe, this thing is an awesome idea, it does everything you want it except cook your meals!

      What I find interesting is the processor in this thing. It may have enough processing power to do real time video processing or visual analysis. Combine this processing power, the NX 3D lens, and a smart programmer and you may end up with the cheapest 3D video camera.

      • Jun

        Totally agree. Photographers may think this ia a joke. But the whole smart phone and social network thing are too much involved in our life. If any company ignore this, they’ll fail. It’s good to have a good IQ photo, lenses and caperbility of accessing immediately. Now big DSLR is starting to have wifi. Why not having this. Also I saw a news today in 2020, 5G service will be everywhere. You can download a UHD movie in a sec. So imagine this 5G in a serious camera, you can send big files while you’re taking it. Never say never. Omg, did I just quote JB?

  • horst

    What an ugly beast

  • tjobbe

    I am still wondering where all those experts get their knowledge from how to use this NX without ever trying it ;-)

    This camera has two combined physical controls

    1. One on the NX lens called iFN (if you like it or not it is a physical button with a physcial control ring that in combination allows you to change aperture, Shutter, EVF, WB, ISO without even taking the eye from the view finder or your right hand from the grip)

    2. You have another one on the top that is a combined press and rotate element to navogate to the FN menue that allows you set things like AF selection, shooting modes, Flash etc…as well, you do not need to take the eye off the viewfinder as well as you can use the thumb of your right hand to control it..

    So let me ask differently… what else do you want to “manually control” with a button ?

  • Mike

    The camera looks like what a DSLR would with a very short registration distance and minus some external controls.

    If they would make an API like for phones and let the public write the menus and controls, I think we’d see some great things. Imagine having a menu where you can optionally omit all the selections from view that are related to JPEG output. It would be a much smaller and simpler menu indeed. No waiting – begging – for the camera manufacture to do it.

  • Elysian Forest

    Please Samsung get the EVF right! I would buy an NX 300 with 2+ MP OLED VF in a hummingbird’s heartbeat. This one’s styling borders on fugly, and I hate how big it’s looking, but if it has a proper VF, and NOT yet another of these silly 1.44 MP ones, (I don’t miss film, but I really miss easy and clear composition in daylight with small cameras that I can afford) I may very well get it…

    • tecnoworld

      I wouldn’t buy a camera with no physical buttons. I wouldn’t buy a mirrorless in the plasticky and bulky form of a mini dslr camera.

      I love my nx300 and would like it with an evf like the one you describe in one side. That’d be the operfect camera for me.

  • HTF

    Does the camera come with a bokeh simulation app? Can I listen to my MP3 while takinh photos? What about Fruit Ninja? So to make a phone call do I talk into the lens barrel or the mucrophone for video capture?

  • Yeaaaaaahhhhhhh

    OH yeah, now I can post my garbage photos to a social site where all my virtual friends hang out. Who needs a delete button. Flickr and Facebook are the new garbage bins for all the stuff I would never dare to show to anyone with a slightest idea about photography.

    And Android! A dream come true. I’ll stay up all night waiting for the source code so I can get to working on all the missing features that have prevented me from taking a good photograph over the years. Happy as a shool girl, go Samsung!!

  • Damn Oly

    well i guess this is what they called: A GANGNAM STYLE CAMERA

  • laborn james

    Funny how stupid people comment on NX camera controls. read a samsung NX review first or try it on the store. I-function control is the most innovative thing that came to a camera in recent years. Samsung NX is actually the only brand that can pull this off cause they already have I-function. The only problem they use to have is the slow write times and short buffers. I dnt know if theyve solved it now but they actually have better lenses than sony nex. PS.. im an omd owner. Albeit an open minded one.

    • tecnoworld

      Writing times have been definitely improved with nx300. This camera is blazing fast…possibly faster than any other I ever tried (including m4/3 and dslr ones).

      The short buffer is still a problem (big one) with nx300 that at present can only store 5 raw pictures in a row. This is strange since nx200, that had bigger raw files, could do 8. So they went worse…this is why I think this is an issue that could be, at least partially, corrected via firmware. Finger crossed for the nx300 owners!

  • Fafhrd

    But will it run Angry Birds?

  • Daemonius

    I would prefer camera with a lot more buttons (with free programming) as Im not fan of touchie screen. But even as it is I find it pretty interesting.

    • Sunil

      I can’t see this doing well, but I applaud Samsung for innovating.

      I agree with Daemonius that it doesn’t really have enough physical controls to appeal to the enthusiasts. Casual photographers would be happy with their smartphones or small point and shoot cameras, the Galaxy NX will be too big and too expensive for them.

      It’ll be interesting to see how the Android OS holds up on a more serious camera.

  • Jón

    Those of us old enough (in digital camera years) will remember the Kodak digital cameras with the Digita OS (I think it was called). This opens up all kinds of possibilities. At least Galaxy NX owners will not have the TROLOLO version of a time lapse function…

  • Kaile

    I wonder why other producers don’t increase their screens’ size on mirrorless camera. The standard 3″inch is OK, but bigger is better.

    • Jørgen

      The reason is that bigger screens lead either to:
      – Bigger camera’s because you need space for manual controls
      – More likely: you lose the manual controls. That is not so
      comfortable for many.

      Suppose I have my eye at my EVF, how am I supposed to change settings
      without getting my eye off of it? I can’t imagine how to do this.
      With the right hand and the fucntion buttons at my fingertips, this works
      really well. May be there is a work around, I don’t know, but currently
      I find this a big drawback. Touchscreens are nice if you can look at them
      and change settings. Not really/always possible when you shoot pics.

  • Racos

    I am placing my order for this camera the day it is available. Exactly what I have been waiting for.

  • Shannon Stewart

    Because of the limited battery life, I hope Samsung develops a battery grip because the battery life is limited on this camera. Unfortunately, I don’t think this camera will sell like the Canon or Nikon DSLR’s.

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