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Hear Hear folks: Olympus promises to launch many new MFT cameras and lenses in 2020

Well it doesn’t sound like Olympus is going to kill his camera business folks!

Masanori Sako from Olympus clearly stated at Photorend that the rumors about them shutting down the camera business are wrong:

Some people thought that Olympus was planning to reduce or even close its imaging business, but that is not the case. Imagery continues to play an important role in the business, by being at the forefront of technologies or innovations. We will therefore certainly maintain the imaging activity as an important part of Olympus society. The rapid pace of technological development could help accelerate certain developments in medical devices or life sciences. The photo division is also our public face, and contributes to the fact that many people know about Olympus, which should promote the presence of the brand.

And for 2020 they have big plans:

Our objective in 2020 is to stabilize and strengthen our position on the market. To achieve this objective, we are actively carrying out marketing activities and have also set up a roadmap of interesting products. We will continue to develop future technologies for photographers and videographers, such as new cameras and new lenses in 2020.

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