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Hasselblad CEO apologizes for the X1D shipment delay and gives extra 6 months free warranty on the camera!

Luminous Landscape had a chat with Hasselblad CEO. We finally got an answer about why the camera shipment has been delayed multiple times:

Hasselblad had the problem of how to ramp up manufacturing, and how to fix issues in firmware so they wouldn’t deliver a camera that was buggy.  And, to complicate things even worse, there was the Kumamoto earthquake that severely hit many Japanese camera makers as well as the Sony chip plant. 
He (CEO Perry Oosting) certainly wishes to apologize to those that have ordered cameras and wants to reassure everyone that the team at Hasselblad is working very hard to get orders out the door. He knows they should have been more transparent and wanted me to express this to those that read this.  They need to and will do a better job in the future.

But at last the cameras are shipping:

As of today, Hasselblad is now shipping cameras with version 1 firmware.  This shipping firmware has some things added since the early firmware, and many people will enjoy these, like Auto-White Balance and especially the ability to select from 30 AF points. They feel the majority of shipments will begin in January with higher quantities of product. Hasselblad will offer anyone who ordered an X1D in 2016 an extra six months of warranty as a way saying Thank You and We Are Sorry.

And Dpreview started testing the camera and writes:

The samples I shot with it demonstrate that we have some great resolution and dynamic range to look forward to. With such a large sensor, and the ability 50 million pixels gives for magnification, there is little room for focusing error, but the amount of detail that it is possible to record is fantastic.
The dynamic range also allows for plenty exposure latitude and curves adjustments before tones begin to separate and before noise becomes an issue.
I don’t know if Hasselblad has finished tuning the sensor’s color, but I have been very happy with skin tones and the way a wide range of shades have been rendered.

Preorder the camera at BHphoto (Click here).

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