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Fuji X100 news roundup

After the initial hype(?) over the X100 people starts to realize the practical limits of the camera. Read for example the “top 7 complaints of the [shoplink 100018]Fuji X100[/shoplink] and how I get around them” written by Steve Huff (Click here). Innacurate AF and difficoult manual focus really are not something nice to see. Superb image quality isn’t enough if you can’t focus an image!

The Complete Fujifilm X100 Review has been posted by ThePhoBlographer (Click here): “Overall, the Fuji X100 is a hit and has received some flak on the internet in reviews but has also received quite a bit of praise. Make no mistake, this camera deserves all the praise and only most of the flak. The battery life issues are very true and indeed, the camera still feels a bit like something that wasn’t completely done or that could’ve been made better.“…”Will I be buying it? Probably not, though I’m extremely tempted. The reason why is because I feel that my delivers some great results that I’m very happy with in a smaller package and with interchangeable lenses.

Ryan Brenizer (Click here) posted his review: “I kind of see the X100 as being like the iPad, a fantastic accessory to a main system. Most people who are just looking for their main camera will be better served by something cheaper or by something more versatile. But for people who love that street photography and 1960s photojournalism aesthetic or, like me, have funds, have big, heavy primary cameras and can’t stand the thought of walking around all day without a way to capture the world around you with more response and quality than your cell phone can, this is a great camera for you.

Neil van Nierkank (Click here) posted his short preview.

A preview made by Hypebeast (Click here).

Check the availability and price of the Fuji X100 by clicking those direct links: [shopcountry 100018].

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