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Fuji X100 is the Editor’s choice 2011. Reviewed by CNET and KEN ROCKWELL

The [shoplink 100018]Fuji X100[/shoplink] won the Camera Grand Prix Editors Choice Award! I guess nobody here is surprised to hear that :). That’s the conclusion form the jury: “Fujifilm’s FinePix X100 is a compact digital camera featuring a new hybrid viewfinder, which combines a projected bright-frame optical viewfinder and an electronic viewfinder system with approx. 100% field of view and a 1,400,000 dot LCD panel. A magnesium alloy body with manually operated control dials, an APS-C CMOS sensor and new EXR processor deliver the highest image quality in the history of FinePix cameras, the quality of which is so high that is almost beyond the performance of DSLRs.”

And here are two more new X100 reviews:

Ken Rockwell posted his final X100 review (Click here to read the full article). I like that part:
The fixed lens is superb, but Fuji really could have stuck it to LEICA if they threw away the 23mm lens and replaced it with a hole, a LEICA M mount, and a full-sized 24 x 36mm sensor. Fuji could have called it the M10, and pitched it as “The Future of M Photography.” (LEICA has no trademark on the letter M or “M10” as far as I know.)
In a Japanese minute Fuji could have advanced LEICA photography by over 50 years. The LEICA M9 still uses viewfinder technology that is actually a cost-reduced downgrade from the superior finder of 1954’s LEICA M3. The X100’s finder is 60 years ahead of LEICA, which like Harley-Davidson, is decades of tradition unhampered by progress.

CNET (Click here) posted a Fuji X100 review (including a video with Lori Grunin): “For some people considering this camera, autofocus performance won’t matter; for instance, it’s a great choice for landscape photography or portraits, or using it like a fixed-focus camera for street photography. If you want to use manual focus, you really should try before you buy to make sure you’ll be comfortable with the mechanism and viewfinder.

Check the price and availability by clicking those direct X100 search links: [shopcountry 100018].

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