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Fuji X100 gets tested at DPreview!

Dpreview posted their 24 page long Fuji X100 review! Click here to read it: The X100 gains an overall score of 73%: “The X100 is an exasperating conundrum of a camera, combining excellent image quality, solid build and a superb viewfinder with sluggish operation and eccentric, buggy firmware. If you’re prepared to put up with its numerous oddities and faults then it will repay you with superb results.“. The real problems for the X100 is that: “perhaps the biggest problem for the X100 is that it’s competing in today’s marketplace with the new breed of compact Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras, and it’s not exactly cheap in comparison.

Another real problem is to find the X100 in Stock. Amazon UK (Click here) changed the X100 delivery status in “Usually dispatched within 3 weeks.” And many other stores do not have it even available for preorder. Check at [shopcountry 100018].

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