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Fuji X PRO 1 sexiness (tested with the Zeiss Biogon!)

That super nice picture has been published by (Click here) which just posted the X PRO 1 and Zeiss Biogon 21mm lens review. It’s written in Japanese and google translation tool is making a messy work (as usual). But it’s worth to check their website just to see the pictures :)

They used the new KIpon G to X mount adapter () to fit the super 21mm Biogon () on the X PRO 1.

One more Fuji news….the X100 firmware update is out: With following improvements:

When checking focus point by pushing AE-L/AF-L button in MF mode, following phenomena can be observed in relation to focus area settings. These phenomena are improved.

  • 1.When the focus area is set to bottom right end position, the camera may hang up.
  • 2.Even when the focus area is set to other area than above, focus may be hard to be established.


Meanwhile the Fuji X PRO 1 got dethroned by the NEX.7 at the Amazon sales ranking (Click here to see).

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