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Fuji will announce a mirrorless X300 in summer 2012?

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Bob Todrick, a pro photographer from Edmonton, Alberta wrote (Source: Dpreview Forum): “Have had my [shoplink 100018 ebay]X100[/shoplink] for a week now … puts any of the 4/3 compacts out their to shame. Pretty sure they have a winner here…and Fuji has confirmed an X300 next year that will have interchangeable lenses.

Bob also said that “I’m in the pro photo supply biz…this is from Fuji. They have decided to pursue what they call the serious prosumer market. The plans are that in the fall they will release an X200…a simplified ‘p&s’ version of the x100. If these cameras do well they plan on the interchangeable lens version sometime next year.

In the past Fuji already said that they are “very interested” in making an interchangeable lens system.

The Fuji X100 is now available on [shoplink 100018 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].

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