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Fuji says: “We’re keeping our eye on the FF and MF market”


It’s quite a solid rumor that Fuji is working on a new Medium Format system camera. In an interview with Dpreview Fuji managers somehow confirmed this:

Q: Hasselblad just released the X1D – a relatively compact medium format camera. Do you think there is an opportunity for Fujfilm in this market in the future?
A: We’re keeping our eye on that market, and the full-frame market too, but we’re still focusing on our APS-C range. […] The question of sensor size depends on what the user wants, as an output. If you’re using a medium format camera and you definitely need that for the work you’re doing, maybe APS-C is too small. But for general use, I think our [current] APS-C sensor is comparable to full-frame image quality. I think we can satisfy most people. But in future our goal is to satisfy everyone.

Satisfy “everyone”? Does it mean my Fuji Medium Format camera will cost just $1,000? :)

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