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Fuji is sure their GFX system can challenge Full Frame

Imaging-resource had a chat with Fujifilm managers, including Toshihisa Iida. The one think that made me think most of what iida said is that he is sure the GFX system can challenge the FF system. He said that to achieve that “GFX has to become smaller and cheaper“. The problems I see here are multiple:

  1. GFX can never be as cheap as FF. The sensor is bigger, produced in a much smaler number which increases the cost a lot. And that ain’t going to change unless more manufacturers start to make medium format cameras
  2. The pace of innovation on MF sensors is much slower than on FF. Sony releases new MF sensors every 3-4 years. And it’s a one of a kind sensor where Fuji has little saying on the development
  3. Lenses are also bigger and in theory more costlier.

Just my two cent. If fuji wants to make GFX a success they may have to look elsewhere for sensors. Maybe ask Samsung to make MF sensors for them? This way they can tailor the sensor development and fasten the innovation path. Still, costs and size of their GFX cameras and lenses will always be higher.

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