Fuji interchangeable X system leaked!!!

The new Fuji X interchangeable mirrorless X system has been leaked at Xitek. There is no info about specs and sensor size. The design is very close to the Fuji X100! It has an OVF/EVF switch option, metal body, tops shutter 1/4000, universal hot shoe. This could be the lenses: 18mm/2.0 pancake, 35mm/1.4 and a 60mm lens. Sounds like the sensor could be APS-C.


  • RW

    M Mount, please. This little body with Leica glass would be a killer combination.

  • Chad

    Per another commenter on Photo Rumors, this looks like it may be an all black camera. The dials and hardware details (OVF/EVF switch etc) are all black as are the lenses.

    Don’t believe it is M Mount, perhaps an adapter will work?

  • spence

    “M Mount, Please”

    No dice. Fuji has no history of making M Mounts and the fact that they would immediately be competing with CV, Leica, Zeiss glass…can’t see that happening. If Fuji managed to incorporate the OVF and interchangeable lenses, I think a lot of people may be cancelling their Nex 7 orders.

    • RW

      I hear you – but it would be a great way to get a stable of premiere quality lenses available for the camera right out of the gate. Anyway, I can dream…

      • spence

        Dream away…

        But, I think you introduce an M-Mount when you have a system that nobody wants (AKA the RICOH GXR and btw, I am a GXR owner)

        But if the demand for X100 is an indicator of the demand for this, then I think you’ve got enough goodwill built-up to introduce your own mount. Basically, people are willing buy into a new system. And Fuji stands to gain much more if people are buying their own lenses rather than 3rd party lenses.

        Something is funny with those photos, though. In one photo it shows them mounting a lens on a body with the leatherette, but then in another photo of the body, there isn’t any leatherette on it. Same with the OVF lever. One is what appears to be a button and in the other, it is a lever.

  • Chcuk

    Goodbye. Competitors.

  • Steve

    I wonder if this will have the new Organic CMOS sensor. Fuji did mentioned it will be better than any existing FF sensor. Here is a patent from last week on this new sensor.


  • Don Pope

    Oooooh! My Precious!

  • Antonio G

    Hi Spence

    Well noted, besides if you open the image it seems to be something like the contact to fix the lever. And the metal body seems to be the base to fix the leatherette. But we have to look for other information and see how credible this one can be. I hope it materializes.

  • Physica

    Maybe a Littlebit Naive , Beside of the performance, the camera is seems ugly……… maybe just because of the reflection of plastics cover made it look very plastic feel?

    BTW , I will go for X10 or GX1… just waiting and waiting…

  • JesperMP

    It looks like a surprisingly straight port of the fixed-lens X100 to an interchangable lens body.
    That means APS-C sensor, same controls, same hybrid OVF/EVF, probably with framelines in the OVF that adapts automatically to the mounted lens.
    X100 has leaf shutter. Will the new Fuji ILC have central shutters in the lenses, or a focal plane shutter ?
    What about integral ND filter ?
    Any sensor or lens image stabilisation ?
    The lenses look very good. An f1.4 as the standard prime !! Wow !

  • Marco

    we talk about the price?
    do you think?
    I think the highest price of Fuji X100.

    because I was considering purchase of Fuji X10 and I would not find this camera a few months at the same price!

  • R Boks

    The Fuji comes with a sensorsize between APS-C and fullframe and is compatible with Nikon F lenses as well a serie of Fujinon lenses

  • brudy

    This is looking really awesome and I’m totally onboard as long as the lenses are decent. I’ve been debating an NEX7, but I think this will be a strong competitor.

  • Camaman

    Maybe they will phase out X100 when this hits the stores.
    But if this is APS-C they will have a 35mm hole.
    I guess they are sure to phase it out once they release a 35mm equivalent lens for the LX.

    I am sure they hope and are quite right in assuming some people will buy both to have all the importand sub- tele focal lengths… :-)

  • Ben Y

    Take my money Fuji, take it!
    hope they don’t make the lenses too long, at least not the standard one anyway.

  • Wally in Austin

    If this package has an APS-C, even a 4/3, with seperate flash and EVF plus interchangable lenses my wife will move away from considering the Nikon V1 and the NEX 5n/7. She Who Must Be Obeyed (SHMBO) is now happy. I like full manual controls on camera too. Fuji has a great lens reputation and in addition to the primes SHMBO wants a 18-55/24-85 kit zoom. I still shoot their prime lenses on my 4X5 film view camera. What would really rock is a 14-16mega-pixel sensor that preforms like the Nikon D3 with higher ISO and low noise.

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